Diablo® III

Magic Missile-Wave of Force Repel Build

12/24/2012 - Added videos for sampling MP1 and then MP3 , Act 3.


As of this writing (patch 1.06) I can't gurantee that that this guide is in no way good replacement for effective paragon leveling (i.e. Archon builds)  or effective againsts ubers (i.e. CM/WW builds). This build is intended for bored wizards who wantto try out other builds and may work for their playstyle. What doesn't work for somemay work for others. If you need a comprehensive lists of Wizard builds thenI highly sugggest check out the stickied Wizard Build compendium. 

I've been toying around an idea of a wizard build that utilizes unpopular skillswhich may have underlying potential , given a good synergy with other skills.
I remember Energy Twister not being used at all by most of the wizards since the release, till a group of Wizards tried and experimented successfully on what are known as the CM/WW builds we knew today. We know that in Inferno, channeling spells sre a no go unless you are good at kiting or have a good tank; a few good passive skills and a list of skills and runes that are either too useless or ineffective. 

So I tried to revisit Magic Missile. Man, given a good ASPD and DPS i'm firing missiles like a machine gun. I could only imagine how MM performs on a Wiz with 2.7+ ASPD.Most build  with Sig spells either use Living Lightning , Forked Lightning , Deep Cuts and Piercing orbs. And Kiting builds usually have Seeker rune for MM. 

The other skill is Wave of Force. WoF knockbacks enemies at a certain distance as well as projectiles. Usefull while doing solo, not good if you're melee wiz or doing group games.Then for a while I got bored with CM/WW build... so I tried this

The Build
My template is as follows
LMB    : Magic Missile > Split
RMB    : <reserved>
Skill 1: Diamond Skin > Crystal Shell
Skill 2: Wave of Force > Impactful Wave
Skill 3: <reserved>
Skill 4: <reserved> 
Critical Mass
Temporal Flux

Companion: Templar (GLORIOUS!) 

Build choices
*New* Summoner


Video (Act 3, MP- 3, Solo)
(Act 3, MP- 1, Solo)

Used Hydra as main DPS source and used Mirror Mimics instead of Mocking Demise in order to have 2 more decoys cast Wave of Force. As I lacked the EHP i used Ancient Guardian for extra protection, Prismatic Armor and Unstable Anomaly instead of CM.


Pop Meteor at a distance, while recovering AP spam MM and distract with Mirror Images. The moment enemies reach me , unleash WoF and pop Meteor while stunned. If Illusionists triggers pop another Mirror Image, causing damage while the old Images are destroyed. Diamond Skin help escape Descrator/Molten/Plagued/Reflect/Mortar and Mirror Image for Jailor. 

If you have a good CC, Armor and AR then you can use Shocking Aspect, or Power of Storm to spam more Meteors/WoF. 

This is usefull if you want to focus on kiting. Pop Slow Time and move back so approaching enemies are slowedinside the bubble, then pop WoF and Meteor while waiting for Slow Time. 

 This build is the first I tried as I toyed with an idea of a Wiz firing as many missiles as possible. Instead of Mocking Demise, this uses Arcane Hydra for more AoE damage. Evenmore fun if WoF is replaced instead of Mocking Demise, but then you have one less CC spell.

Teleport - Calamity is a good skill if you want another WoF in your arsenal.

As of this writing my setup works on the following at MP2 Act 3:
DPS: 51k (unbuffed)
Armor: 3768
LOH: 1335
Regen: 400/s
AR: 220
APoC : 18
CC: 28%
CDmg: 70%
ASPD: 2.34 (42% IAS)
-3 AP for Meteor 

This gear isn't too godly, maybe even crappy on other's standard but this setup workson low MP levels. I've yet to try it on MP4 solo or on Ubers. 

Notes in Future (if time and community and no Blizzard nerfs allows it)
- How this build will have synergy on other gear affixes. I picked up Strongarm and a Chant Will both having 4% + Knockback and if my budget allows get a rareOff-Hand (or a Chant Force), Kymbo's Gold  and sacrifice a skill forForce Weapon..

Will also give it a try on Stun affix
- Experiment MM- Split vs SP - Piercing Orb, Forked Lightning, etc. as some Wiz maynot be comfortable using MM.
- Experiment CM/WW oriented build. Instead of Meteor , Wicked Wind is used to generate more procs. Haven't tried this yet and I was thinking this may be closer to CM/Mocking Demise hybrid.
- Team play. I'm the only one left among my friends who play this game so I have to get a feedback if this build goes well on a group. Too many are not in favor of WoF.
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Some Questions you may ask
Q. Why Wave of Force?
A. I haven't seen many Wave of Force builds or anything around it, so this is only an experimental build for me. 

Q. Why Meteor- Starpact?
A. Reason is that it deals Arcane damage that both MM and SP can synergize with Temporal Flux. Though I considered the following            
1. Arcane Orb. I haven't used this since hitting Inferno so I have a hard time aiming this at mobs. Though i was thinking if Knockback/Stun works well for this skill.And I have this problem with Wallers            
2. Disintegrate/Arcane Torrent. Channeling spells. Useful if you have Templar or a Barb/Monk tank. I have to try it yet but as you already know if you are kiting, this is out of question.            
3. Blizzard. This may bring close to Blizzard-Hydra kiting spec. I'm not a big fan of Blizzard (I like the D2 version of it though) as it brings low LoH proc.

Q. Why Split?
A. At 56% DPS i'm hitting a big monster for a total of 168% dps, better than Charged Blast (162%). Though Charged Blast guarantees a 100% proc, it's a single target spell. With Split I may have 35% proc rate per missile I can hit up to max 3 enemies per attack. At higher attack speed you may get more procs.  

Q. Your build sounds familiar, it is almost like <insert build here>
A. Ideas may either be created from scratched, stolen or inspired from other ideas. Even bigger possibility that some people may have thought of this build before.    Also thanks to the Wizard community that concepts like Proc Rates, ASPD breakpoints and the like are discussed and open more ideas on builds and gear.    Honestly this build is inspired from the Raining Meteor and Blizzard-Hydra kiting builds.

Q. Your gear sux lol... gear more, buy more and use <insert build here>
A. Time constraints. My mounting real-life priorities forces D3 at the back-burner in order to farm for more gear and play AH and besides, like I said , I'm the only one left among my peers playing this game. It's the idea of toying builds on my Wiz that kept me going and, well, I don't want to go through anymore how itemization sux at this game. It's already an old record. 

Well thank you for reading this post.. if there's a feedback or suggestions then feel free to post, Im open for improving this guide .

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I don't see where you're going with this build, unless I'm being trolled.

-MM: Split is awful (its extra damage over single-target MM runes like EB or Seeker is negligible, compared to the large chance of missing sometimes with at least one missile).
-Wave of Force is so bad it was a forum meme for a while.
-Meteor is your only reliable source of damage, but it's super expensive, and I only see Prism in terms of AP cost reduction. On top of that, you don't have any skills that proc a lot (like WW or Living Lightning), so you can't make up the cost in APoC very efficiently. The proc thing is also a problem because...
-...you don't have any good way of proccing CM much. And on top of that, you're only benefiting DS, WoF, and Mirror Image with it. Why not Explosive Blast, too? And on top of that, CM and Illusionist are stepping on each other's toes, seems like bad synergy there.

I just don't really get it. Got some videos of you facerolling with it or something? I remain to be convinced. So far, it doesn't remind me of anything so much as my Wave of Force troll build from back in the day http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6893570340 .
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Hi AS00 thanks for the feedback. Nope.. not trolling this time ... I intend to build a work around Wave of Force or any other skills/runes not commonly used.

I'll post a vid maybe within this week; im trying to check how high on MP level can my gear go (both with this setup and CM/WW build). So far I trying MP3 A3
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Hi Emmet I'm also torn between Mocking Demise and Mirror Mimics but I will observe which is more effective.
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You should try to work in Mirror Mimics into that build. They will cast Wave of Force. The damage their wave of force does is negligible but the stun and knock back effects from the Impactful Wave rune still work. Effectively it allows you to get 3 Wave of Force attacks in less than 12 seconds.


Mirror Mimics will also cast Frost Nova if you have it, and most of the time will cast both Frost Nova and Wave of Force Impactful Wave before they expire. So the potential is 3 Novas and 3 Waves in a very short time. Throw in Illusionist as one of your passives and it's pretty sick crowd control.

This is one of the builds I use most of the time when playing higher MP levels (8-10):


Some of the combos you can pull off are a lot of fun. For example, against larger enemies that don't get knocked back that far, I like to Nova, then Calamity into them and Wave of Force right after for a big damage combo, then drop my Mirror Mimics into the crowd and Blizzard on top. Then start to back away and Forked Lightning while my Mimics do their Novas and Waves. Blizzard has a big range with the Stark Winter rune, and Forked Lightning hits damn near everything if you have a good crit rate, so the knockbacks aren't as annoying. By the time the mobs start to recover and move back toward me slowly due to the snare from Blizzard, my cooldowns are starting to come back up. Then I just kinda do it all over again.

You learn over time how best to utilize the various combos with each mob type and affix combos for elites and champions.

Critical Mass is there to get the whole engine going smoother and more often at higher MP levels. Forked Lightning may not have a super high proc coefficient, but you're not relying on chain casting cooldowns like CM/WW does or some of the Meteor and Spectral Blades builds do, so it's sufficient once you get to around 40% CC or so to shave several seconds off your cooldowns.

The beauty of the Mirror Mimics engine is that you can incorporate almost any damaging spells you want after you pick up the base (Mirror Mimics + Wave of Force Impactful Wave + Frost Nova + Teleport Calamity + Illusionist). I've been messing around with using Disintegrate Chaos Nexus with it to great success (as long as you have some cost reduction gear for it), and it works pretty well with Ray of Frost, too (just make sure you have something else to help with large number of mobs, like Meteor along with some APoC to make it work).

I have rather high defenses (6k+ armor and 700+ resist all unbuffed), so I'm not sure how this will all play out for others, but feel free to mess around with the build; it's a ton of fun and a great exercise in cooldown management which could be useful for PvP one day (it reminds me a lot of playing as Warlock + Rogue in 2s in WoW). Enjoy. :)
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I'm actually having fun with this build. I just started my Wizard a bit ago, and he has a long road ahead to sixty but at level 46 Nightmare MP5 it is fun. And far more survivable than the build I had been running! Thanks!
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Update with video on MP3 Act 3


Just got only around 10 minutes and used the following build as I lack the EHP and DPS right now

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