Diablo® III

AH items gone missing but gold not returned!

Last night i was bidding on a few items to create a 0sec cd dogs build for my WD.

I am not ashamed to say that i used the RMAH to buy 40mil gold as i dont have time to play as much as i would like. This was purchased yesterday and since then according to my GOLD AH log i have spent in the region of 14mil and I currently have just over 8mil in bids running, since purchasing the gold from the RMAH.

I distinctly remember bidding over 10mil on a -20sec cd dogs Homunculus, however the item seems to have disappeared yet the gold has not been returned. I fear that this may have happened for more than 1 item as i cant account for another ~7mil gold. I find this extremely irritating as I spend a lot of time working but I am definitely not what you would call well off and dont have a large pool of money to spend.
I payed to buy this game and have spent a little bit of money on the RMAH which I know Blizzard take their cut from yet bugs like this still exist and put people like me out of pocket and make us increasingly frustrated! I know from reading the forums that there are problems reported as far back as June and honestly and a little shocked that these are still occuring.

I have not given any money to anyone as i have no real life friends that i would give money to in the game, so there is no way this could be shown to be a reason for missing money.

If i could get a response from a Blizzard employee that would be great. Dev/Blue/Admin whatever you are calling them for Diablo. I have been playing Blizzard games for as long as I can remember and love them but its stuff like this that makes me wonder whether I would be better off not playing.

Hope to hear from someone soon, also hope this doesnt come off as too much of a rant as i am only trying to inform the correct people about this and hope it can be rectified.

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Sorry found topics telling people not to post about items so have submitted a ticket. Didnt realise how to do this as its a little different to WoW
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