Diablo® III

WD fun class to play?

I have played all classes except for WD.
I am getting bored at other classes and wanting know something about WD.
My first char was DH, but I was too tired of running and kiting.. now with decent gear, only bola..bola.. trap...trap...groom...

Wizard: broke my finger... CM wiz...
Barb: WW...Sprint...WW...Sprint
Monk: fun to play, but gear was too much hassle to get dps up...

Now, I just rolled WD.
Is WD fun and challenging class to play?
hows farming and uber with WD?

thanks for the feedback.
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I've played everything at 60 except for a Monk. I'd say WD is my favorite class followed by DH.

WD farming is extremely underestimated. Acid cloud is so good at low MPs. We probably have some of the fastest mob kill speeds, the only problem is our move speed. We have a few skills but nothing really matches Teleport->Wormhole/Vault/Perma Sprint.

WD's are great for groups in Ubers, everyone loves Big Bad Voodoo. Zombie Bear builds synergize really well with a CM Wizard for farming/Ubers. It is possible to solo MP10 Ubers, but as all classes it requires a high level of gear and a little bit of planning ahead to deal with Siegebreaker. We don't handle reflect damage as well as some classes.
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Yeah WD are the best class I've played so far. I went from DH at launch, to a monk in the next patch. Played monk when the IAS nerf hit, Switched to WD. Played WD Right before MP Levels, switched back to DH then back to Monk then back to WD. The changes to the DH and Monk didnt really make them anymore fun IMO, and ever since I have been playing the WD there are just so many skills and versatility it has than the other two classes.
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seems like a fun class to play.

thanks for the feed back guys.
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"We don't handle reflect damage as well as some classes. "

There is a build for that, LOH proc docs have not problem with reflect.

Proably more viable builds in WD than any other class.
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Yea WD are a fun class to play. The funnest class I played so far. Farm fast at low mp. You can get about 50-60m exp an hr farming with 30m budget on gear.

But Im still hanging on to my monk hoping he'll be less gear dependent in future patches...
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i guess i will carry over my gear from my Wizard...

Which weapon and off hand should I look for?
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I dont know about weapon but I say go with that frog weapon thing that lvl 62 since you want alot of pickup radius for WD.

I'm new to the class so I don't know name well.
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Teakeal was thinking of Thing of the Deep, its a cheap and easy way to make a grave injustice+Gruesome feast build viable.

However most popular WD builds favor 2 handers over the MH+mojo, i personally suggest you get yourself a Skorn(LoH or LS if you can afford it) and then stack some pickup on your gear, i managed 24 yards with 2 or 3 unused slots.

Even if your dead set on the 1h mojo route, i'd suggest a ukhapian serpent(i think i spelled that right) It can pack more of a punch than ToTD at the cost of no +radius.
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Okay, can someone please explain important stat on gear?
crit chance/crit dmg/ias/int/?????????

so 2h skorn will be the best?

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1hander or 2 hander depends on your budget. If you have the cash, definitely go for a 1h with mojo - it allows for a more well-rounded character once you reach higher levels. However, 2 handers are much better value. If you don't want to spend much gold then a 2 Skorn is your best bet.

In terms of stats, you want (in order); intel, crit chance, crit damage, ar, vit. You'll also want some ls/loh and one or two items with ias (3 is fine if you are using a Skorn). Unlike Wiz, WD doesn't have infinite mana and so if you use a whole bunch of ias items you'll always be low on mana. With a Skorn, the aim is to hit slow, but hit hard.

If you plan on farming I would definitely suggest using a 1hander and mojo. Thing of the Deep is just too good to pass up...
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Scorn is a best bang for the buck option, if you have the cash, high end mojo and off hand .
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mojos are agreat way to get chc cheap especially ToD also a nice 1hand mojo can give more dmg than most affordable scorns and dont have to worry to much about attack speed after
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is set carving knife with socket a good weapon to buy?
what option do i look for in mojo?
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is set carving knife with socket a good weapon to buy?
what option do i look for in mojo?

it really depends on your bulid plans some (like myself) are fans of black weapons for the most out of elemental dmg boosts... if going for lots of pick up dis than tod is good if not zunis has some good options not to expense especially if you want full zunis bonus cause imo the best thing to replace is the helm visages are fairly inexpensive as well and have the guaranteed res all
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definitely fun man! lots of stuff to try.. (especially if you came from another class).
cant stop playing my WD!
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