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Some advise for a noob? :)

Hey guys, i need some help to upgrade my items. but im not sure which one or what to do? btw, is there any good farming runs? my build might be weird but it lets me solo mp2-3..
my character

THANKS guys! :}
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What style of build are you going for? Looks kinda like a tank build
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yea.. actually, i just wanna survive.. but i feel that i dont have enough damage.. :S
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hm im not to familiar with tank builds, sorry I cant help but Leap with Iron Impact seems like that may be a good skill to use considering you get such a massive armor boost and its a pretty quick cool down, perhaps you can change out one of your armor passive for something that will help in the dps department like weapons master, etc.
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Well you would probably be better served using the crit chance, crit damage ring you have on the enchantress on your character instead of that BK wedding band.

You have a TON of vit but you got that stat instead of str which you need for damage. Try replacing all those gems to rubies on your armor, you dont have to buy any from the ah, just put the flawless star rubies you have from your farming in place of the amethysts.

Those are 2 things that you can do (for free/minimal expense - if you decide to buy better gems from the ah) that will improve your gear, but you pretty much need to eventually replace all of your gear.

Keep your ring, rugged star, for now, it will serve you well but would be better if it had str and/or average damage on it. Your shoulders are great as well, so is your belt, but it is missing the 3% LS that barbs can get on mighty belts.

In general you need to get your CC and CD higher. Your all resists look great, so if you can keep the same all resist stats (you can afford to lose probably close to 100pts in that dept) and add CC, CD and str (while keeping your total life around 35k) you will be golden.

Look for sockets in your helm, it will help with exp and once your tag PL100 it will be a nice added 18% life to your character. Sockets in weapons too, for your main hand (MH) get an axe/mace (you get 10% CC from using the weapons master passive) with str, OS and CD if you can afford the CD, and as for your off hand (OH) it depends on what type of build you want to do. For ww/sprint, get a dagger that will basically be a stat stick, CD, OS (open socket) str and as close to 3%ls as possible.

But I feel like if you changed those gems, switched the ring w/the enchantress, buy bracers w/CC and some str and vit, and buy a helm w/CC, OS, str (while keeping decent AR on both pieces) it would make a HUGE difference w/minimal cost to your bank account. Also replacing your MH w/the mace/axe would be great too.

It takes time to get a great barb unless you get that luck drop that nets you hundreds of millions but you can be a decent barb for cheap w/a few changes and basic upgrades.

As for skills/passives check mine out except instead of:
-frenzy vanguard, use bash instigation (for fury generation)
-Hammer of the Ancients use WotB Thrive on chaos
-Passive Unforgiving use either Nerves of Steal or Tough as nails which ever gives you more armor
Mine are different from the cookie cutter ww build cause I'm just speed farming mp1 and dont need to use those skills for such a low mp.

As far as runs just do what you enjoy doing. With MP enables all acts have the same drop% so if you like act1 better than act3, act1 is where to be!

Good luck to ya man and I hope this helps, feel free to add me - LordZeus#1756 and we can chat about gear/builds.
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Thanks alot guys! :))
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