Diablo® III

Blizzard: Please help me fix this lag.


Hello... I am in need of some award winning customer service. Please do not ignore my request for help!!

Recently, I have been getting constant lag spikes and abnormally high ping today. I have tried other games (wow, sc2, bf3) and nothing else is lagging. The ports within my router are opened for my computer. I have even tried opening wow while playing d3 to see if ping in wow spikes the same time it does in d3 and have seen no signs of that.

i7 930 3.0ghz
EVGA GTX670FTW w/ 306.97 drivers
12gb corsair ddr3
Windows 7 64b
Dlink Dir-655 Router
DWA-556 wifi card
Charter Cable internet (Speedtest results: Ping 24ms, Download 54.46mbps, Upload 4.18mb)
Eset Nod32 Antivirus

A little bit more info about the problem.
*Periodic lag spikes where ping reaches upwards of 1000 ms (1 red bar). The majority of the time game runs about ~180 (3 green).
*The lag spikes do not always occur when my ms goes up.
*The "freezes" or "spikes" do not completely freeze the game, as I am still able to run around and things like that, but there are no monsters in newly explored areas and spells do not go off.
*Spikes last anywhere from 1-10 seconds.

Steps I have taken to resolve the problem.
*cmd ping to google that shows no increase to ping during game play.
* numerous restarts on router
*applied drive indexing fix for c: only
*ensuring router ports open.
*disabled windows firewall.

I am on wifi, but like I said I do not have any problems with any other games.

What information do you need from me to narrow down the problem?
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I am having similar symptoms. Literally just lag spikes for the last two days. All other games function fine.
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Please help.
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A lot of people started having this issue after the latest patch. The D3 dept. at Blizzard must b on extended vacation or something or just really don't care ;)
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12/09/2012 01:06 PMPosted by john1782
A lot of people started having this issue after the latest patch. The D3 dept. at Blizzard must b on extended vacation or something or just really don't care ;)

I am going to continuously bump this until I get response. I have provided MORE than enough information for a tech to help narrow down the problem.
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I've been having the same exact symptoms as well. It is very frustrating that this is the reason I stopped playing this PoS game for now until it's fixed.
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Still experiencing problems :)
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Still super laggy! Wow.
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I called support and they referred me to the Support FAQ and these message boards. The women also suggested that it is probably my ISP :(

So here I am and I still don't have a response. How long does this process usually take?
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Same here, please fix this unplayable lag D:
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haha yea lots of people are having the same issues.. still not fix! its gotta be D3, all my other games are fine and its not a coincidence that everyone is having this problems after the patch.
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It sucks, the server is acting like it was during the launch date.

Symptoms: Asia Server lag, 120 ms single player but lags during peak up to 1200 ms when runing into elite. Multiplayer not playable, choosing certain acts helps but still lags depending on who creates the game and peak hours not playable.

Diagnosis: Blizzard is soft like the australian radio analysis that called up Kate's hospital and then the nurse died.

Result: Lag and only for this game. Which shows me two things. 1.) Blizzard will never be able to make a MMRPOG. 2.) Diablo 3 is a game for those who likes be !@#$%es, such as calling up your appointments then tell them you will be late.
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Same issue here. Game is frustrating to play with these connection issues.
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I lost a hardcore toon to these unpredictable spikes after the patch. Latency appeared to be fine, typical ~100 ms, then suddenly it lagged terribly, ~1200 ms, and when it resolved I was dead. It seemed to induce lag when engaging elite packs.

Still having weird hiccuping, rubber banding, lag spikes, ever since the patch.
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