Diablo® III

I just lost all my Characters.

I just lost all my Characters, including paragon lvl83 wiz(1450 hours played) and a paragon lvl20 barb(56hours played) and your support team told me they can not restore my characters.
Here's what happened:
On Dec 9th 11am I was playing the game, then I had the game plused then left home, my mom turned off my pc by forced shut down all programs, when I came back at 3pm I found all my characters were gone.
Can any GM look at into my issue please? I have more than 1500 hours played into this game it is really really sad day for me. There is no way I can continue play this game if nothing restored. So please help!

Thank You
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U have 2 say thx 2 u mother , and go 2 club
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Did you make sure you didn't accidentally change regions? Also try calling support again (keep bothering them and see if they can restore your characters).
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If they dont restore ur characters thats absolutely ridiculous. If they have the potential to restore items and stuff. I dont see why they cant restore characters. Buuuuutttttt all this is said with the assumption that you werent botting and stuff
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You'll have to ask them to roll back your account. But you'll have to do it over the phone, or in a support ticket -- none of the customer service people read the bug report forum.
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Sounds like mom did not like you on d3 24/7 and deleted your characters. If this is the case they will do nothing as you are supposed to keep your account secure at all times.
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your mom, brothers/sisters being punks. you can get your account hacked by /cough
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Simply shutting off your PC would not cause the characters to be deleted.

It is quite unfortunate to hear that you somehow lost them, but unless there is a proven case of compromise they do not roll back accounts. For non-compromised accounts, they do not ever do item or character restores. You can read the policy here https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-restorations

Please understand that submitting further tickets or calling will not help (unless this was an actual compromise). It will only create further backlog in the system by asking for things the GMs and support team can't grant.
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