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Key Drop Rate

I am pretty sure people understand what it means. I think they are a little incredulous that the stated drop rates are the actual drop rates.
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I had a similar problem last night. I did 2 uber runs and got 1 eye and 1 key from the 2 uber runs and a standard key run. I was pretty frustrating so I quit last night also. I couldnt take the bad luck streak.

It just sucks when I did 2 mp7 and 9 mp8 runs one night and I got every single key. Didnt miss one, then I can run mp8 or mp9 for any amount of runs and get nothing.
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I get keys dropping all the time, even when im not doing key runs, its awesome. Just FYI.
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similar experience with lower rate of keys dropped lately too. probably bad luck, but seems kind of weird that everyone i talk to has bad luck all at the same time. (Again, can still be bad luck, because it's not like i talk to every player, but still weird)
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I'm always down to farm keys if you're on and need a farming partner ^_^
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Act 2 key warden sucks,.... NEVER drops !
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I did 8 key runs and two uber runs yesterday on mp8. Got one key and one spine. RNG ftl
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Last night I had 0 keys drop on 10 straight runs MP6 on Act 2, I want to whirl my computer out the window.
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people need to learn what the percentages actually mean, if you do a run on mp5 with a 50% chance and dont get a key, that doesnt mean another mp5 run betters your chances.. its still 50%.. its like a coin flip, if you flip it and get heads, doesnt mean the next flip has a better chance to get tails... its still 50/50...

also i did 3 a2 runs on mp5 and got 2 keys... its called chance my friends

No !@#$ sherlock, but as the number of coin flips increases, the chance for them all the be heads goes down dramatically. Do the math.

Chance for x flips to be ALL heads - 1/2^x
Therefore chance for 10 flips to be ALL heads - 1/1024, or about 0.099%

If we take what OP is saying at face value, that is, he really did get 2 keys in 20 runs at mp6-7 (even higher percentage than the coin toss scenario) the odds become essentially statistically impossible. But hey, that's how RNG works right? The point here is that it is an imperfect system [insert computer generated random number argument here]
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At one point I had a terrible dry streak in act 2 doing mp6 runs. Did 28 runs in one day and walked away with 4 keys total. With that said I now do mp4 runs for speed. I average 3-4 keys per 10 runs which seems fair to me since the runs take around 5min each. Just keep farming and you will have some luck eventually.

Oh and I have rolled 44 rings as of today all of which sucked. My best ring is currently equipped on my barb which doesn't really say much since it is just str/vital/damage mod.
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Im glad that a blue posted on this...again... mainly because there are still these people that think that blizzard is constantly nerfing their drops, simply because they had an unlucky streak.

I cant believe that people are under the delusion that blizzard is FLAGGING their accounts for bad drops... I-I... its just mind boggling how ignorant people can be.
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2 Act 2 keys in 4 runs earlier today and 2 Act 1 keys so far tonight, all on MP2. Maybe I'm just having a nice streak of luck, but MP2 has gone well for me in terms of key farming for both speed and chance of a drop. Some evenings are dry, but today has been good.
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As for keys i get a key almost every run on mp5 , but as for organs thats a different story just did 3 portals on mp 5 and came up with nothing :(
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Has the key drop rate been nerfed since the latest maintanence? I have got 2 keys after 20 runs in MP6/MP7 Act 1 and 2 recently.

Before someone jump on board - I have been farming keys for more than 2 weeks and had more than 10 rings made - so I know how it was like. The drop rate had never been THIS bad. Yes I have 5NVs on this 20 runs stretch.

RNG, I know. But the chance of 2 keys only after 20 runs in MP6/MP7. Seriously? THAT bad a cold streak?

Quick stats analysis.

The odds of that happening in MP6 (not getting more than 2 keys in 20 runs) are 1:200,000
You said you found 'more than 10 rings' so far, wish you would've been exact, but let's take 'more than 10 rings' as '11'.

Let's assume you got those rings from MP6 runs as well, and the ubers ( wild guess ) at an average of MP8.

11 rings = 33 organs, 33 organs = 41 machines at MP8, 41 machines = 123 keys, 123 keys = 205 runs at MP6.

So, you got more than '1 try' of 20 runs to get these terrible drops ( 2 keys in 20 ).
You get a bit over 10 runs.

Your odds to get that bad streaks improve ( if we can call that an improvement ) from 1:200,000 to 1:19,512

Ok, it might still look very unlikely... But keep in mind you're not the only player in the game.
If there's 1 million players who did the same 205 runs at MP6, more than 50 of them should get a similar streak.
There's a 1.09% chance that one of these would not even get a single key out of 20 runs.
Think about how he'll say his account is cursed or Blizzard fixed the game against him.

Morale of the story : When millions of people make hundreds of millions of keyruns, and kill billions of elites, weird stuff is bound to happen.
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Act 2 is the most difficult for me, finding 5 elites and KW in the oasis is a big pain. He also drops the least number of keys for me, I've gone 7 runs with no drop on mp5.

a1 and a3 rates have been good to me but it's easier to get stacks in those acts also.

I think it's more helpful to keep a log of your drops. Your mind tends to forget that for every key drop there's another run where it won't.

u kidding? cistern and sewers is a guaranteed 3-4 stacks. small areas that always have elites. they you just go to osasis, get final stack and skip all the white mobs
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are u kidding me drop rates are hella high for keydrops. i do act2 keywarden 2 or 3times and i always get a key or 2
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