Diablo® III

Is it just me or are there classes missing?

Ever since release other than the retarded RNG, massive class imbalances, gear gaps, and 100% lack of build diversity, something else has bothered me. The complete lack of classes. No rogue class strikes me first of all as shocking. I cant think of a sinlge MMO or even an RPG that lacked a rogue type character. Yet this game has none. Also neither an evil nor good aligned Paladin/Dark Knight type character either.
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I feel like the Demon Hunter was suppose to fill the gap of amazon and assassin fron d2. Witch Doctor for Necromancers, monk for paladin, and the 2 other obvious classes.
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DH seems more like the typical RPG ranger with a dark past. They only use ranged projectile weapons, have traps, have lots of escape mechanics. and have companions. More like a dark ranger than an assassin or rogue because they cant use daggers or assassin like skills such as a backstab or any type of sneak attacks. WD is like a necro in the sense they have DoTs and can raise pets from the dead, but I dont see monk and pally comparrison. While both traditionally are devout and religious. One wears light armor and fights with bare fists while the other is basically a Templar using a sword/mace and shield or a 2 handed weapon while wearing heavy plate armor. Monk and Paladin arent even remotely close in any game ever made.
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druid/shapeshifting class would be good ...
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WD is a druid. Summon wolves and bear?

Sorry but a REAL minion master will not be caught dead with anything less than 20 minions. Yes not even while in the loo.
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They need to do Zerg and Protoss if they really need to give us something new...
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Id love a rogue but they would be a Dex class obviously and the only choice for new class is Str since we already have 2 int and 2 dex and only 1 str.
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