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Any Multishot builds out there?

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Exactly what it says. I play trap/turret atm
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umm yes? one of the cookie cutter low MP quick farm builds uses multishot fire at will. it goes hungering arrow + MS + vengeance, everything else take ur pick
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I used multishot to run MP1 Alkaizer runs. You can have a look at my profile for the build!
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Look at my build and do Alkaizer runs MP1.
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I use the same builld as Jd007 for Alkaizer runs mp2 - its highly effective
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I just made the switch from Cluster Arrow (which is saying alot cause I luv the Cluster)...Since I bought this cold SOJ...Multi Snares the screen-it's awesome
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I've been enjoying this build:

Bola Shot / Thunder Ball - For lone elites when trash and minions are dead
Multishot / Suppression Fire - For trash and minions, refills discipline for Punishment
Shadow Power / Gloom - Use before dumping hatred
Preparation / Punishment - Refills hatred to feed Multishot
Vault / Trail of Cinders - For travel and positioning
Companion / Bat - Refills hatred to feed Multishot

Perfectionist - Defense, reduces cost of Punishment
Archery - Improves crit chance of Nightstalker (for one-handers)
Nightstalker - Refills discipline for Punishment

Upon encountering a mob, hit Shadow Power.
Dump your hatred with Multishot.
Refill hatred with Punishment.
Dump more hatred with Multishot.
Use Vault to reposition if needed.
Repeat as needed.

For this build, I recommend at least two pieces of discipline gear so that you have enough for Shadow Power, Punishment, and even a Vault. Three pieces allows you to use Punishment more liberally.

When most of the minions and trash are dead, you should switch over to Thunder Ball (or your favorite Hatred Generator), because there won't be enough mobs for Suppression Fire to recover the cost of Punishment.
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I use suppression fire just to replenish disc while trap tanking
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