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Crafting System Suggestion - Affix gems

Hey there,

I have posted this in the general forums thread "the #1 thing you want to see in Diablo", but I thought I would make its own thread in the crafting section.

I have this idea to add Affix gems to the crafting system. Everyone talks about how there is a lot of bad loot in the game, and they want the ability to combine 5 bad items to make a better one, but I think affix gems would work better for many reason. First, let me explain what I mean.

Currently, you select an item and craft it. Done and Done. You have a chance for up to 6 random affixes. Anyone who crafts will tell you that most of the time, you get bad rolls. But, I think it would be a fantastic feature if when you select an item you want to create, a new UI window is shown that has that item on top with 6 empty slots under it. You would drag these affix gems into those slots, hit create, and it would build the new item with the appropriate affixes. Those affixes, depending on the quality of your gem, would roll a random number on them. For example, if you put the lowest level intel gem in, it would have a chance of rolling between 1-10 intel on it. But the highest level would be between 200-300 intel. This way, you still have a chance of rolling "bad", but you get the affixes you want.

A vendor would sell the more common gems, like health globes and thorns, but most of the gems would come from drops. They would be a one time use like current gems. I personally would like to see the mid level gems be rare drops and traded , and the highest level gems be legendary drops and/or crafted (like the current highest level gems), but also bind to account. Most of you probably just groaned at that, but I think bind to account would really help the game. Currently, the AH is over stocked, and really, besides getting a new paragon level here and there, the daily farming is kind of boring because there's no set goal to it. The game is largely based off of grinding, but besides the keys, there's nothing to set you apart from other people. Nothing to make you say hey, I found that by myself! I guess it's just a lack of motivation / purpose.

I think this would help the farming in the game be more exciting, but also, give people the chance to customize their character exactly how they want. Even if there was only 1 gem per affix that was a legendary bind to account, no lower levels, to REALLY make you feel good about it when you find it, that would be amazing.

On top of all that, there could be different types of base recipes as well. 4 open slots, 5 empty slots, 6 slots. Or, 6 slots, but 2 of which have to be main stats (dex, str, int, vit), but you can stack them. so instead of 1 gem giving you 100-200, 2 gems give you 200-400. Non main stats would NOT be stackable.

I do believe the bind on account would be essential for a system like this to work well within the game. If they werent, everyone would soon be walking around with amazing gear, and the AH would be flooded with gems, which would quickly ruin the point of the system to make you stand out, and make you feel good about your finds.

Thoughts / opinions?
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Oh, one thing i should mention is that the legendary gems would give a midrange amount of a perfectly rolled legendary. For instance, if the max crit chance you could get on a dropped legendary is 10, then these gems would give 6 or 7 tops. That way the dropped gear will always have a chance of being better than crafted, but crafting would ensure that you get the affixes you want, giving you the base weapons nad armour to get you moving.
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its a thought, i dont craft because it just isnt worth making a lousy item no one will use.
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