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OS = open socket
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Any tips on the order in which I chase damage? Assume Mempo is out of the picture (I'm cheap). Where should I try to add critdam first? I don't need to become an Olympian--landing between 150-200k is enough for me. Not sure I can reach that without opening the wallet though.
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08/05/2013 05:20 AMPosted by Randalar
Any tips on the order in which I chase damage?

Aw man....you are in luck. Saw your post.

You can get 30k DPS is one slick move just a few slick moves.

Basically, since you have a 1.78 wand you can reach the 2.73 breakpoint using six IAS items....but they all have to be 9 IAS. And, in one way....you are already there! You have 9 IAS on six items: gloves, left ring, chest, WH, ammy, and Force (and 8 IAS on your Nat's ring). If you simply drop your Nats ring you will still be at 2.73 breakpoint and you can get a better ring with any stats you want (i.e. more DPS). That, however, would kill Nats set and you don't want to do it.

What I'd suggest is to upgrade your Nats Ring to a similar one with 9 IAS. This will give you seven IAS items that are all 9's. You can drop any one of them and get a better items with no IAS and can rock any stat you want. Gloves with CC and CD and INT for instance. The best option would be an amulet with just CC and CD, preferably 90+CD. Adding INT or average damage will also greatly increase DPS. For instance, if your ammy had 95CD instead of 9IAS it'd be a 30K DPS increase.

Councidently, wink-wink, I have a sell thread with the perfect Ammy for you.

- 450M - 285 INT + OS (total 343 INT including +58 INT gem), 96 CD, 8 CC, 51 Dex (on hold, k3vink3vin)

Somebody else is currently interested in it...so I'm holding it for them. But something like this would add, gulp, 40k DPS. Of course, its costs 450M. But still...a difecta CC/CD ammy is very versatile and you can pack in alot of useful stats as opposed to a trifecta ammy. And they're usually not really that expensive.

Another thing that you can start to look into is AR/2OS BT Pants....you have AR/armor right now. Which is fine. You mit is in decent shape. While I would certainly keep the AR, you might think about trading the armor for 2OS. The int will give you a 100+ INT boost for DPS, but also add 10 to your AR....ofsetting some of the loss of AR. Your mit would go from about 87.55% to 87.4%. Not that bad of a loss, really.

You also could/should start looking at WH's that have more AR and/or more INT. Both will certainly help out.

hope this helps,


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love the guide. great work!

please help with choosing the right bracer concerning dps:
1. crafted with 230 int and 5.5% crit
On character sheet: 133.5K DPS, 2.53 attack speed

2. lacuni: 143 int, 9% IAS, 4.5% crit
On character sheet: 135K DPS, 2.67 attack speed

Is the Lacuni better for dps then?
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08/07/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Sugarpoison
Is the Lacuni better for dps then?

Sure....more AS is better for DPS, absolutely. It does not have any ("real") impact on breakpoints. Adding lacunis doens't take you up to 2.73 breakpoint, so it has no effect there...though it does add DPS. And the addition of one more IAS items gets you to 2.73.

The crafted one has about 100 more INT though....and that's an extra ~10 AR. Also, the 1% CC will help your freeze a bit, so there's that. Also, it'd be great if you could craft ones with AR and/or armor and/or VIT....things that you won't ever be able to get all on lacunis.

Personally, if you're sticking at the 2.5 breakpoint, I'd craft some nice bracers (like mine) that are full of stats.....rather that just the extra IAS on the lacunis giving you a DPS boost.

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Thanks for the tips, Pie. I'm not in the running for any mega-millions sales though. Diiirt poor. I've been rolling some crafted stuff, pushing DPS up a bit but losing some res. The Nat's upgrade, however, is exactly the kind of advice I needed. It's funny looking at these critdam amulets that would give me 20k+ but knowing they blow my APS. I'll make the Nat's+Ammy upgrade my goal for now. I want to move up from MP8 solo (which is relatively easy for me).

Many thanks!
(I didn't realize I put this in the old CMWW thread, thought I was in SNS thread. Oh wells)
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08/07/2013 10:06 AMPosted by Randalar
I put this in the old CMWW thread

haha...not an old thread at all. This is just a more general CM/WW thread authored by Loroese. The god of CM/WW Math and statistical analysis.

I just jumped in here to answer a question or two.
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Perfect advice, Pie. I'm up to 150k with EW:E and MP9 is going smoothly. The Nat's was 60 and the ammy 27 (broke again).

Now for some GG drops and crafts to get to the next level. 200k and MP10, here I come...eventually. Some day.
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what i dont understand why use explosive blast it seems there are better options for that skill slot idk mabye im wronjg
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08/20/2013 09:36 AMPosted by doobie22
what i dont understand why use explosive blast it seems there are better options for that skill slot idk mabye im wronjg

There isn't. EB doesn't use an attack turn so you can cast it at the same time as WW. That's the primary reason to use it. Anything else you try to put in that slot will use an attack turn so it will replace a WW cast, like meteor.
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Nice guide Loroese.

I like your current build too, best one I've seen. :)
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very very good info to read . but somethings still don't make sence :
1) did author mentioned about higher ias vs internet connection ?
2) did author mentioned that lower ias can be compensated by higher cc ?

my examples :
1) 2.54 ias , 56 cc
2) 2.74 ias 48.5 cc

technically no difference , all depends on connection and lags ...

my view of cm :
1) mp1-8 with nooby party - lock a must = loooong boring ubers
2)mp9-10 with pro party = ubers under 1 min , no lock needed , 2.53 is more than enough , + buff + dps skills

I switch from full cm( lock ) to buff (shocking aspect , bone chill , shards , time warp ) only if low dps in party , if we talk about ubers - they don't need to be locked , same as elite . they can move , but rarely , that doesn't affect u so much lol .

imo , small thin connection between ias and cc , if u have more of 1 and of 2 - u damned :D
and I never seen any1 try to discuss this on forums , with test results and prove ....
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my examples :
1) 2.54 ias , 56 cc
2) 2.74 ias 48.5 cc

This is largely true. Depending on calculations and simulations it is somewhere between 8 and 10CC = one breakpoint.

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ty pie for not laughing at me like someone else did , im here to help ...

p.s. can u add me I need some info on ruby vs emerald with numbers plz ....
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This is a great guide, CMWW is so fun.
I got few questions after using the build 2 days :

1. Is there any easy way of handling 1 mob? When there are lots of mobs its easy to kill but when its alone or boss its becoming harder.

2. Since EE is using 35AP, is it a good idea to hold down mouse for it(found the pain topic) so its being casted all the time or should i use it occasionally?

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1. Either move away to pick up more mobs, or just bear down. I usually bear down, although I like to bring in more mobs for a keywarden. At 2.73 and good crit, you should find bearing down is enough to keep the boss stutter locked...so you'll sometimes have to move out of the way of beams or whatever.

2. You mean ET:WW? In most cases you want to be putting out new twisters at max frequency. Just make sure they are landing in smart places (multiple mobs wherever possible). The time to let up is when a boss gets loose and you are mana starved. Getting him back under control may require not spamming (briefly). Otherwise, don't slow down. More twisters - more procs - more AP.
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thanks for fast answer and excuse me for my poor english but what do you mean by "bear down"?
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Bear down in English means focus, try harder. Mash your keyboard, make sure you are putting out the FN as fast as possible, and stay on top of the elite as he tries to move away.
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I am very new to wiz class, and i have a question. at 20m gold(all that i got), assuming i bought the right gears. at what mp can i farm fast and not dying? fast enough that i can farm a lot and kill mobs faster.
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My monk friend and I are looking for a frost spamming Wizard for regular loot/exp runs in higher MP levels. Please hit me up ingame if you're at all interested in running.


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