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I am a player from TAIWAN.

The US Server now will lag EVERY night (GMT+8 time) AFTER patch 1.0.6.

The average latency is about 300ms ~ 800ms. And in some worst case , the latency will UP to 3 ~ 5s.

In this case , it is absolutely unable to play the game.

It seems like the BZ has NO interesting to solve the issue or has NO ability to solve the issue.

Before 1.0.6 , everything is fine.

I have lose all hope in BZ and the D3 will be my last game made by BZ.
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I've posted it yesterday, but it looks like BZ are all dead or bumbler.
They are such useless and have no idea how to solve it.

They have to ask TW distributer why this happened.
(well, many hints aim to HINET problem)

But I don't think great BZ know how to fix it, they care about USA only.
(charging money is world-wide, of course)
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Happening right here in the USA too.
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I'm from the Philippines and this happens as well. Since Taiwan and PH are on the same timezone (GMT +8), this happens every single night from 6pm to about 12 midnight, and worse during the weekends. Before you Blizzard CS agents tell me it's my ISP's problem, how come when I'm not doing anything it's all fine and dandy and when there's AN ELITE PACK it lags like hell?

Please fix this, Blizzard. Your DRM sucks, but at least try to make it as unobtrusive as possible.
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Bump, player form Taiwan too

Been lagging for weeks, now I don't even want to launch the game at night
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I am from Brazil (GMT +3). Have the same issue every night after patch 1.0.6. I tried to contact BZ support and they told me it is a problem with my graphics driver and network wifi. But when I try to run the game in the morning, like 9:00 AM, it works pretty smooth, without any lag. So, is this a video card problem? I don't think so.
Looks like the patch 1.0.6 was not bug fixes only, they have disabled some Diablo 3 servers since there are no more such players enough to justify keeping the servers running.
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