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My character is bugged i need help!

I am from Brazil, i am 30 years old, sorry for the bad english.

I tried to submit a ticket about this, but i was unable to find any option who let me type to explain my problem (this is ridiculous). So i am writing here to get some help.

My character is bugged. I have a barb lvl 60, with paragon lvl 37, i did the run to drop the terror key, from the boss who drops ice from the sky, i know its the correct boss to drop the key, but i CANT make it to drop!. I made exactly 33 tries with nefalem at 5 and MP4.
Tried to get the key with a friend in party too for 5 times at MP5 and nefalem at 5, no deal.
What the heck is going on?
Why i cant get de damn key?
33 tries with max nefalem and MP4 is not enough?
The character name is Rivotril (barb).

Please help me.
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It's not bugged. You just got hit by bad luck, dry spell on key drop. Try farming exp instead and do the keywarden last, that way you gain exp and and a chance for a key every run.
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To improve your odds, play with more people. 30 runs is only 30 chances at a key(50% per run), but if you play with 3 people, it becomes 120 chances at a key(50% each). It helps smooth out the random number generator outcomes since even if you didn't get the key, your other friends did.
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Man, it cant be... 33 times at MP4 with 37 paragon at inferno, is suposed to drop the key man =/
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Supposed to, but then you got hit by randomization lol.
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I dont think so, i think my char is bugged
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Doesnt matter how many you've tried.

Everytime you try - your chance of getting it only ~40%

tl;dr>> Try at higher MP

If you can't - pay somebody who willing to do MP9/10 - not hard to find in Looking for Group channel in your chat box.
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i would suggest you but some Magic find gears and put them on you and ur follower. when you about to kill the boss with final blow put all the magic find gears on.
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Aleatorio es aleatorio.
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43 tries now withou success.
Follower equiped with MF gear.
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... why is this on the popular topics list? It's not even a page long...
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vamos tentar... add lá !
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43 tries without sucess? Monster power 4?
Let crunch the odds for you. 40% chance key will drop, 60% will not drop (0.6)
0.6^43 = 2.89 * 10^-10
*100 (for percent) = 0.000000029% chance of this happening

Killer odds man. Assuming you are telling the truth, I think you account is indeed bugged. Try one run on mp10 and see if you get the key. And any additional magic find does not improve chances btw. You just need 5 stack NV.
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i think my account is bugged becuz i keep finding legendary handcrossbow(dawn) all the time and writhing spine never drops from uber boss MP7, but the eye and fang drop all the time

and i keep finding bows with massive intel or str but no dex
or spirit stone helms with massive intel or str but no dex
or wands with massive str or dex but no intel
or mighty weapons with massive intel and dex but no str
or diabos with massive intel and str but no dex
or wizards with massive str and dex but no intel
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Welcome to the most arbitrary RNG in the world.
Only Blizzard can fool us like that.
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Magic Find has absolutely 0% effect on key drops. Monster Power does.

MP0= 5% Chance to get a key
MP1= 10%
MP2= 20%
MP3= 30%
MP4= 40%
MP5= 50%
MP6= 60%
MP7= 70%
MP8= 80%
MP9= 90%
MP10= 100%


You are welcome. :)
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