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Error 14404

Is anyone else having trouble? Can't login for the last 15 minutes with this error number.
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If that's the one where it gives some error about an "authentication module", I always get that if I logout and try to login again. I need to completely quit the client (which often times ends up hanging and needs to be force terminated) and launch it again.
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Havent played in months, went to go log on ect and get this error message???
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i got a problem in log in americas servers it keep pop up error 14404 downloading agreement problem. can anyone help me out.
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Looks like it has something to do with the authenticator??? Not sure... try posting in the technical support forum...

Post it here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386227/

If all options fail, did you mess around with your authenticator if you got one?? if not or if you dont even have one then try reinstalling D3 or submit a ticket explaining what the situtation is.
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You can Submit Tickets here: https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/status

Explain the situation... anyway *Good Luck*
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Same, error 14404
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help with 14404 ?????
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14404?? How do you count to 14404? How about Error 1? "Cant log the f@#k in!"
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cannot login,,,why ? because stop playin for awhile ?
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For 14404 downloading agreement problem. Because of the term of use document didn't download and show up after recent patch.

Here is the solution that work for me and most of the people.

Step 1: Before you login US sever, go to option, switch other server such as Asia and Europe.
Step 2: You should be able to login, then the term of use document will show up
press read (or accept, i forgot).
Step 3: After you press read (or accept, i forgot), then you will be at character screen ,
now logout of this server.
Step 4: Go to option, switch back to US server
Step 5: You should be able to login US server now, because of you already press read (or accept, i forgot) the term of use document at other server.

I hope it helps =)
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Totally agree with KevinTung, I use that method to resolve the Error 14404 too.
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KevinTung, thank you my friend! This has been a problem for days for me, your method quickly solved it. Thanks again!
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02/05/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Crazyfox99
KevinTung, thank you my friend! This has been a problem for days for me, your method quickly solved it. Thanks again!

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