Diablo® III

Just returned. Any advice for gear/build?

Haven't played since 1.0.4

Looking to build my character to smoothly farm with groups.

I was built for complete survivability before. Now I'm rebuilding/re-gearing towards DPS due to the it not being necessary to super stack defensive stats.

So far my gear is pretty ratty but am slowly upgrading what I can. I've already made a few steps in the right direction (CC/CD). What would be best for group farming? Any key pieces of gear I should upgrade ASAP? Any build ideas for parties?

I read a few of the large threads here on the SnB. Should I continue to pursue that? Should I DW or 2Hand (I have a 1350damage grandfather I just found).

Thanks much for the time and effort guys.
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The stormshield looks pretty good. You don't have life steal anywhere, you'll want that on a belt and if you can't get it on a mainhand then get a fast offhand with lifesteal, double crit. If you're running a WW spec and you want to get higher dps for the sprint nados then definitely drop the shield for that dual wield. You'll also need movement speed somewhere, if upgrading that isn't within your budget for boots then at least get a flavor of time for the short term.
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Yea I was running that WW build. Was fun but I felt my DPS suffer.

What is it about the movement speed that is so important? I was reading about getting it but didn't understand the concern.

I definitely plan on upgrading belt. At the moment it takes me a day or so to farm a million gold so it goes slow. Is farming all about catching that one good drop? Or am I missing something...
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Most people don't know but life regen is 1 of the better stats in my opinion-After you are stunned what ever your health still ticks.Alot of high dpsers in ubers die so many times after I revive them they are ok but if I couldn't game over-

And when people call me out because my dps is lower then theres I just tell them lets group up right now high mp level and see how we both do-

So just gear how you think the game will be fun for you-
To me tho dual wield is alot funner/faster then 2 hander-
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