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Hi scrapz,

Can you pls check on what to upgrade on my gears? I got a budget of 180M. I currently do key/uber runs on MP7. I plan doing it on MP9

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Helluva contribution scrapz so TY in advance.

I just got back into Diablo 3 (hadn't played since like Juneish) and have been piecing together what I can find for decent prices (had like 7 mil and bought pretty much every piece I have on me atm minus a couple I had previously).

Any tips on where I should go gear wise from here. I can do MP2 / 3 with deaths here and there (a lot moreso in 3). I've been trying to collect keys n such to get ready for the ubers fest for a good hellfire ring but have a long way to go before that will be easily attained.

Edit: Due to scrapz gratuitous nature I've gotten a bit of an upgrade on my gear (all the high fives in the world to ya scrapz) and I'm just amazed at how much of a dps boost i got going from a decently rolled 1k dps weapon to a 850 dps weapon with near 100% crit dmg. I can see I've been terrible uninformed on what stats to be looking for on weapons lol.
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Just wanted to throw a thank you at you. I took your advice and it helped a lot. I'm broke for the momment but when I sell the old gear, I'll aim at the ring.

Thanks again, and happy holidays to all

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12/17/2012 11:05 PMPosted by aki95

Your problem during that fight isn't that you dont have enough lifesteal. It's that you dont have a large enough health pool/mitigation to survive zk's first walk or magda's butterlies hits.

520 resist/38k isnt going to cut it. Your lacunui's are really gimping your EHP. The 9 IAS is .1 APS faster, not worth it...

If you don't want to change that then..

Switch beacon of ytar passive. cyclone cooldown and make sure you pop serenity as soon as SK begins his walks. Move better, avoid butterflies. It really is an issue of L2P, everything is avoidable in that fight.

Alright.. so what do you recommend me to change to? Dual Resist + Dex + Vita + Crit hit chance? or?

Scrapz... i've changed the lacuni.. what else do i need to go?
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I am gearing myself using Piffle's thread (am still reading LordRaahl's, but wanted to get my gear up in the meantime as I hit 60 finally). I'd like a gear/build check please:

My goals: MP1-2 Inferno
My budget: I had 11m to spend, have spent 6.8m so far and am still bidding on shoulders and an amulet.

I do not think my DPS is high enough for MP1-2, but I only spent 400k on the 2 weapons combined. I wanted to outfit armour first and then use the leftovers to get better weapons. 4.2m remaining, though like I said, I am still bidding on an amulet and shoulders. Want to know how I am doing otherwise, thanks!!

ETA: Got the shoulders, so now only bidding on amulet.
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Typical 5-8M build will net you 60k+dps, 37k+ life, 600+ resist, 40CC, 2.0APS, 5.0+ LS

And somehow I think I should have just handed my monies over to you LOL But I thought it would be 'fun' to try myself XD
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got to put myself in line here.. hehe.. kind advices from you sir will be very much appreciated.. thanks in advance... still have 65M gold on stash by the way..
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I'm Just looking for what Item to upgrade next - I have 51 mil in the bank, but perhaps I need to sell some gear(rearrange stats) to get the next upgrade.

Could use some help :)

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Thx for the advice Scrapz, but what is DS build? Cant find it on forum
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Would be nice if you could advice me on my monk's gears/build (since I didn't see my part in your previous replies...)


I'm using 2 fists with around 75k dps, but my cyclones aren't healing enough on mp6/7.
Am thinking of finding another fist/weapon with LS and higher weapon dps.
Any thoughts?
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I just sent a friends request with my budget and goals, hopefully you can find some time to take a look soon. Thank you for the offer to help your fellow monks out
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hey man my DPS is at 78k now, I wonder what I can do to improve my gear to do MP5 efficiently, my current budget is 6.5m :O
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Added, atm i hope youcan check my gear and give me some tips for upgrade my gear.Atm i can farm keys in mp7, and some runs in mp8, but have some problems with reflect + molten.My idea is how much money need for upgrade my gear for mp10 runs and what parts of my gear need urgent repleace.Sorry my english and happy holidays !
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Thanks for doin all the helping things you guys do! Merry christmas and a new year if that planet doesn't hit is or whatever ! ;O

ps. sent ye a FR for ring run!
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GOAL:I currently key/uber on mp6 and I would like to be able to do it on 7/8 (preferably 8)

I think i need more sustain but I don't want to loose a good chunk of my DPS for another LS weapon.

Thanks for the service.
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@scrapz...thanks for your help in advance!

Would like some advice regarding best equipment for TR build. I've seen druin's vids but most of the spirit regen items necessary have skyrocketed in price of late...

Also, I've been using a inna's daibo for the longest time for the sweeping winds cost bonus because I've not been able to justify getting an inna's belt and sacrificing the stats from my exisiting belt. I know it is more conventional to use a skorn so would like some advice regarding this....

Have also been trying to procure a pair of boots with MS, pick up radius and good Dex but so far unsuccessful

My budget is 14M
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Hi looking to outfit my monk for MP10. Budget is 1 billion. Please add me in game
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Wow scrapz, what a generous service, thanks in advance for myself and everyone else you've helped.

So background for my monk, haven't played him in a couple months, but prices on items certainly seem to have dropped. I can handle MP5 and 6 easily without a problem, even do 4 person MP6 ubers without many deaths, but your thread intrigued me in that you said you could help gear for MP10.
Please give me advice. I don't know how to compare the dmg boosts I'm getting from WKL to a nebulous alternative, but I'm guessing that and my bracers are the things in the most need of replacement.
If/when you do feedback, could you please include an idea of cost of things, I'm relatively broke at the moment after focusing on my WD.

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What mp are you running? Vitality is always important, you need a large enough health pool to sustain a burst. At mp10, I need at least 4000+ leech per second to sustain.

You're very low in resist. Might have to drop some IAS pieces for some mitigation stats. Biggest piece you could pick up some more ehp are your bracers or chest. With your bracers you would lose 12ms, so you have to evulate and see if you could live without it.

Your helm could also use replacing. I'm not sold on attack affixes, I rather have a mitigation affix to stay alive longer and deal more dot.


Ammy - Invest in a good amulet /w CC and CD. Amulets give a CC roll of 10 and 100CD. IAS is left better to gloves and rings.

Bracer - Needs more dex and some life added to it.

Ring/boots - Since your boots rolled dex so low alreadyw. You can do a cheap 2 piece nat's set for under 4m to gain similar stats while upping your dps alot. Plug it into a dp calculator to make sure it's a worth gain.

Boots - >100 dex + 50 of your resist. Will lose vitality 1-3m

Nat's ring - DEX/8-9IAS/Resist/Vitality 2-3m


You seem to have a good balance of armor/res/vit and good use of off stats such as str for armor. Don't really have any advice for you besides upping the dex on all your pieces while trying to maintain the mitigation stats you have now.

Don't buy sidegrades. Save up, 22m won't do much to improve your character. Biggest dps upgrade for you would probably come from your gloves or weapons. I'm sure you could find a wkl with socket vs loh to gain a considerable amount of dps. Since lifesteal scales with damage, it should be very comparable in the amount of leech you get.


Well if you change your OF, you lose 192 vit. Can you afford to? Never stack vit on a weapon when you are below 900vit.

If yes, then get one with LS. Type it into a DPS calculator before switching, I'm guessing you will end up losign some dps. I'm a fan of the sickle over wkl when in use with a EF.

If no, upgrade your bracers to a 120dex/80+vit/double resist/cc bracer


Not much to upgrades to do with 180m, each 10k dps cost about 80+m after the 110-120k mark.

WH - Get better rolls - Dex/vit/resist/9/40+ - will probably sacrifice some dps.

Gloves - time for a trifecta/dex/resist - drop the vitality from this slot to gain back the dps + more lost from the belt.

Ammy - Use a DPS calculator. CD/CC takes priority in this slot since it gives higher dps then IAS in this slot. Try to pick up some vit or resist in this slot too

Helm - Wasted str roll - Higher dex, double resist or resist + armor for this slot

HELIOS12787 -

Hope you're enjoying your set. What mp are you farming with it?

Either link all upgrades and check them ingame or use a dps calculator when swapping weapons. I use www.theasiangamer.com


You're welcome, glad my advice helped you progress.


lol, just give me money and let me change ur gear. It'd be easier. By now, you should know what stats to look for.


Nice pickup on the shoulders, very useful rolls on them.

You're at 800 resist, way more then needed for mp1-2 smashin. So let's get working on your dps..

OF: Your offhand is the weakest part of your set. for mp1-2 smashing, LOH/LS is not neccessary. You can easily survive off of health globes

Belt: Since you could afford to drop some resistance, I would find some pickup radius in this slot.
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