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Nice pickup on the shoulders, very useful rolls on them.

You're at 800 resist, way more then needed for mp1-2 smashin. So let's get working on your dps..

OF: Your offhand is the weakest part of your set. for mp1-2 smashing, LOH/LS is not neccessary. You can easily survive off of health globes

Belt: Since you could afford to drop some resistance, I would find some pickup radius in this slot.

Thanks, I appreciate the input. Those shoulders were 400k well spent. I'll work on the other two today :)
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What build are you using? Tempest rush? Cyclone?

Tempest rush - Doubt it. You have too much IAS and even with passives tuned for spirit regen, you would deplete quickly.

Cyclone Build - You're missing blind - faith in the light. Crucial skill for this build. Since sweeping wind snapshots the dps at the time, without FITL you are losing over 60 percent of your damage.

Overawe - Since you have lifesteal, the more damage you heal.. Well this mantra gives you 24-48 percent more dps.. It will beat out that armor gain IMO.


Definition of a glass cannon. You have no vitality and hardly any resist. I'm sure your gear is great for mp1 smashing but anything above mp4 and you would die.

Helm: 150dex/150+vit/ 45resist - You need vit lol.

Bracers: We need crit chance. 100dex/80vit/double resist 80+

Ring. Need's CC. 4.0CC/7IAS/40dex/40resist/vitality (would say average dmg, but you're lackign vit)

Shoulders: Get 60+ vit on it. I would advise you to go with a rare but you can't afford the loss in armor. If you do go with a rare, make sure it has over 100 vit


Your stat allocations are correct. Your resist are a little low, try to break the 650 mark.

Helm- 70 resist only, can get up to 140.. Try and hit at least 110.

Belt - could use some vit if you're willing to give up the damage. not a priority though.

Weapons - save up for some weapon upgrades. Just because they have the same dps on paper doesn't also means it'll do the same damage. Higher dps weapons are always better IMO(if they equate to the same damage) since they have a higher constant damage range.


You can use both sti and OWE instead of combination strike.

This is the ds build. I don't think anyone really talks about it. I like it over TR because it doesn't require any special gear.

Route: Core of Arreat - Tower of damn 1 - Rakkis - Keep Depths 2. This route is best for this build since it's congested with enemies and breakable objects. You will be using these to cut down your run time.

With this build, your sweeping winds does most the damage. Pop your sweeping winds correctly and begin attacking. The trick to this build is you are going to dash in the middle of the packs (sw attacks the radius around you), punch that group down until there are liek 2-3 left then dash into the middle of the next pack. Your tornadoes will finish off whatever you left behind..


Boots /w 200+dex/80+vitality/double resist = 100+ / ms


If you're TRing, you're running either mp0/1. It doesn't require much EHP to be honest, just enough DPS to 1-2 shot stuff.. I forget isn't it like 300 resist required only, which you have.

Get a new boots iwth the mitigation stats from your belt, you'll be fine. Then just get a inna's belt with with pickup radius and collect what you spent back on it in a few runs. :D

A skorn is picked because
1. it has low attack speed which helps you spend spirit less
2. It offers natural crit, socket +dex.

A cheapie 1300 skorn dps without lifesteal will cost what? 50k-500k? Buy one, it almost doubles your DPS. 100k according to a dps calculator. mp0 ownage

If you are spirit starved, switch fot for deadly reach - strike from beyond


1billion = 140-180k balanced monk. If you agree, add me.
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I am looking to balance out my monk more. I have been playing on no MP. I feel as if i have way more potential and i dont know what to get when i am gearing. I have roughly 8 mil max budget that i would like to spend. Currently i am sitting at 46k DPS unbuffed. I know this is a gear helping post but maybe my build could use a little work too? Here is my profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Uniden-1515/hero/20833667
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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This thread needs more holidayness...
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Is it possible that you missed my request Scrapz? No biggie though! :) Anyway, my question is still the same: what are the next 3 steps in order to be effective in higher mp? I currently do fine in mp5, but i tend to be less effective in mp7++, ubers included! :(

I believe my resists are wayyy too low (300, 400 at best), but i dont know what to buy next, and i also believe that a few stats may not be on the right piece (like if i had a weapon with vitality).

My budget is around 20m right now, but my goal is to know what to look for, how much to save and to spend on the next 3 items! :) Thanks in advance! :)

PS: This is my keyfarming gear/uber gear, since i am taking a break in xp farming for a week or two (i just hit paragon 70).

Thanks in advance, and Happy holidays! :)
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lol, just give me money and let me change ur gear. It'd be easier. By now, you should know what stats to look for.

i wouldn't mind but i don't see u online -_-... Lol... i still can't find a good glove with lightning resist tho... ahhhhh~ and a good yet affordable WKL lol
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I was wondering what you can suggest for my build? I want to be able to survive mp10.

Budget...open I guess.

And build wise...wanted to try cyclone but couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong that it wasn't doing much damage...
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Hi Scrapz,

I'll primarily just be doing mid lvl mp runs with a couple friends when they are on and solo when they aren't. I'd eventually like to do lvl 9/10, but i'll get there when I get more gear/gold. I'm running Cyclone/Conviction build. My main focus right now is that I transitioned this monk from a tank a while back to a dps role. All I really want right this second is I have roughly 70 mil saved up, should I go with 2 1handers and if so what stats ideally, or should I just get a decent Skorn for my budget. Outside of that any help/suggestions is not necessary, but appreciated. Thanks.
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plz can some one help me
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I have sent you a friend request :)

KamelJabber - KamelJabber#1103 - 17m
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I can't believe I missed this thread -.-

I'm simply looking for a general bump in the right direction to be MP7-8 ready. I'm diligent and patient enough on the AH so no need to play pass along, but I was hoping to spend about 20M although I'm sitting on 120M so I can go over a bit but the 100M is mostly going towards my main. I'd rather not fall into the OWE trap and would like to be balanced. I'll drop down to 12MS as well if I have to.

Even if you can't offer gear advice in my price range a general 'my weakest point' and 'you are here with stat x, and want to be here' would be good and/or build pointers.

Thanks in advance great work you doing here :)

Edit:Oh and I'm a sweeping wind monk I <3 tornados
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You lost my post scraped :(

Well , i hope you can read this post :D

I need gear check , and if possible ill give my gold for upgrade my set :

My goal : can farm keys and ring in mp 8 or more

mp far: atm can farm alone in mp7 and can run ubbers in mp7

Budget: 25 or more if have some luck in ah !

Cya !
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Yea scrapz atm I'm farming MP3 with ease and MP4 with maybe 1 death here n there when i get lazy. Really appreciate it.
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Hi. Not really expecting to get looked at any time soon, if at all, what with christmas looming, but what the hell :)

ive got around 6mil sunk into my monk so far. seems okay. i think a major thing i would benefit from is *any* pickup radius, as i have 0 atm and it's a real pain in the !@#$. perhaps i should just try using TR instead of serenity?

At any rate, i'd be curious to hear where my weak items/choices were, so far :)

e: should mention I have a total budget of 10mil left, which I would be perfectly happy to spend on this char but I don't know what'd be wise. Also i find I'm not sure how worried I should be about letting my health drop lower?
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Your goals mp4 well rounded build but front loaded with damage over survivability
mp trying to work up to 4, but not there yet
lets say 2.5 mil.
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Check mine if you would. Lets say 10m?
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Hi Scrapz, I have a budget of 100M. My dps is a little low and would like to be able to do MP5 at least.

Your help is appreciated!
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Hi scrapz,

What should be my next upgrade if I want to do mp10 uber and key run?

Running around a big map like field of misery or dahlgur oasis finding key warden and finally got no key is sad.

Now I having fun faceroll mp7 with one or two dead per key run but not sure about mp8-10.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hey Scrapz, appreciate the offer to advise forum members.

My goals:
Solo MP7 without horrid pain and be able to do ubers in a group at MP8/9
155M is my budget
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90 Human Monk
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Tempest rush monk, 25m budget, Healzrforus#1691, not sure how to post under a d3 character
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