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Hey scrapz, if possible I'd love for you to make me a viable build for my hardcore monk. I have almost 6m gold at the moment, and I'm not able to safely farm a3 mp0 yet. I have 64.5k life, 24k dps, 5835 armor (buffed with Hard Target), 643 all res (fire monk), 173% crit damage, 1.4 attacks per second, 28% crit chance, and 542 LoH. The problem is my low dps, but I haven't been able to find any upgrades, even with the gold I have, without sacrificing my eHP.

At the moment, I am only comfortable farming Act 1 on mp0. Meaning, I can come across any elite affix combination or boss and I'm 100% confident that I won't die. I can't say the same for Act3. I played mp0 Act 3 for about 5 mins, and almost died to a frozen, molten, vortex pack. Safe to say I haven't been back to Act 3 since. It would be awesome if I could get a build that enabled me to complete all of Inferno without the fear of dying, but at the very least I'd like to be able to safely farm Act 3 on mp0, so I can farm the ilvl 63 items from the lvl 63 monsters.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I'm relatively new to monks, as I have spent most of my time on my softcore Wiz.
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I'd love to have someone review my monk and provide some feedback. My gear is a mix of (budget) set pieces, random (budget) legendaries and other rares that were "better" than what I was currently wearing at the time. My character profile looks up to date, as of this post time.

I need to focus on the type of gear I look for the the AH, rather than just randomly looking for pieces here and there (or hoping for a good roll on drops). Any feedback and direction you could give would be much appreciated!
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I also would like some guidance on gear selection to be able to start farming MP10. I am currently stationed in Germany so my play times are different than most folks playing on America's servers. I am 7hrs ahead of CST but if you let me know what would be the best time to be logged in to be able to speak with you I would happily comply!

I have looked over a few build's but haven't set my mind to any certain one so opinions and suggestions are welcome as well. I am aiming toward being able to farm MP10 efficiently. My budget is around 75mil.

So to recap......

any build to efficiently farm MP10
farm MP10

Thanks for your guidance and suggestions.

(edit: MP10 is the final goal I have set for myself....realistically at the stage of my gear vs amt of gold I currently possess for upgrades I should probably set a smaller goal of MP 5-7 for farming gold and oranges)
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Just saw your edit to the OP. I guess I can log off now. I just been starring at the screen hoping to make the cut :D

Also: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7415793376
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kamel, i still have you pending on my buddy list. You were 4th to last the last time i checked. I gotcha still:D
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I'm getting better: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7415512878

But I'm still waiting for you
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ok i done some upgrades. i am now much tankier now and can survive mp5 much easier. but my dps is still !@#$ty. i really want to have 100k unbuff dps. im barely 80k dps. plz help
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Hey there need help in upgrading my gear. In my profile I have the TR build reason why I ha a skorn equipped, but for the normal build I dual wield, with 101K unbuffed DPS. I need advise on the gear itself on what to improve. I have 50M to spare. Thanks in advance!
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scrapz, the MP 5 budget gear is not there anymore, wats stat i need overall and wat stat on each piece of gear. just need a reference for the typical cyclone build
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Scrapz thanks a lot for tips and weapons ! Happy holidays
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Hey Scrapz, Im at a stand still. I dont know what I should replace at this point, any tips?
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Hey Scrapz I think you missed me.

Im running my MF gear right now but I have a 71k DPS, 6500 armor, and about 680 res with 1200 LoH.

I think I need to switch my pants for innas temp and then geta witching hour.

thnx in advance.
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thank you sir for the kind comments and suggestions.. i greatly appreciate it.
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