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Monk's name is Guinan if that matters...
Battle tag: Piranha#1378
Budget: 22mill

Kinda just wondering what weapons to get for good dps/leeching.
Any help is appreciated :)
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I just recently got back into the game, left when I pretty much had to roll DH farm the chests back in act 4. My budget is 4 mil, sadly I have no clue how to build a monk anymore due to time spent away.
Monk's name is gandalf and my tag is; Sepulcher #1624 (sorry forgot to put this in earlier)
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This is a pretty cool thread. I just got back into Diablo and thought I had a decent set up figured out. Could use some pointers though on how to maximize my guy. I do fine on MP5 but MP7 owns me.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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great advice here. ichanged out my chest for life % now at 46k life. Finally ready for a better weapon. too bad im broke now, thanks scrapz!
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I would like to ask for some help too. I'm somewhat happy with my current stats but i sort of hit a wall. I know there's still room for improvement for my monk.

Blaupunkd - battletag: blaupunkd#1189 - budget: 5M

Hope to hear from you OP, and I appreciate what you're doing here for the community. More power to you!
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Ok, so I took your advice to heart. Somehow though, I managed to only break even on my Vitality and my Resists, but I did somehow manage to up my DPS to 113k. I got a new amulet with Vit and Cold resist on it, and then I bought Inna's pants with Cold resist on it, so my resists are 718, which is pretty close to what I was.

Now I"m really lost on what I should upgrade though. I don't know if I want to lose the massive armor on my Inna's helm in order to gain a larger chunk of vitality and dexterity on it or not. Trying to gain vit on a WH will cost a fortune, so It's likely to be one of the last upgrades I do. I imagine gaining cold resist on VW might be the cheapest option out of them all I think, though that one trifecta ring of mine might be a close bet either way. Outside of ring and shoulders, what would you suggest next? I am happy though, now I have 24% Movement speed, my runs will go much quicker.

Edit: I changed ring and Gloves as well, I've now gained a little bit of vit, about 50 more resists over-all, and I'm sitting at 119k DPS, which is pretty sweet. I'm wondering if I should ditch the AR on my Inna's Chest and grab one that has 160 dex/vit each, I'd gain about another 2500-3500 life, and gain considerably more DPS since I wouldn't have to waste a gem slot on an amethyst for vit. As far as Vile Wards go, I just priced dual resists one, I'm looking at about 90-120m on that upgrade.
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I'd love some advice too! I'm actually pretty terrible at upgrading my monk.

I think I have too much life and too much resists.... I prioritized way too hard on them

My budget is 15MM!
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Hi Scrapz,

I would appreciate any advice you could give me on how to modify my gear to do mp 10 with minimal difficulty. I would like to "add friend" you and give a donation to your cause.

Thank you for your time
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add me one millllion gooooooooooooold!
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Hi Scrapz
So yesterday I stumbled upon a fine looking Echo Fury and I decided to step into the monk world. I had a basis of what I could switch over and I bought some items that I can do MP2 rather easily but still die to elites that has arcane, fire, reflect, and all the nasty stuff they throw out.
I just wanted to know what gear I should take out and invest on. My budget right now is 50 mil (not so much) but I just want to start somewhere. I like DW and crit dmg and crit chance is my thing.
I think I have a decent gear but I just wanted your advice on what I should be buying next. Thankkkkkk you :)
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Hi Scrapz,

I haven't played Diablo 3 or my monk in quite a while and am in dire need of an upgrade. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BlackBox-1627/hero/1475014
PM: BlackBox #1627
Budget: 64M
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hi scrapz! i think mine was missed cause it was the last post of the first page?

nonetheless, would like your advise regarding upgrades to my gear. i think i have about 20m to spend.

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Alot to be changed wtih your set.. You need a ton more vitality on piece which lack it. You need alot more resist...

1. Weapons - Needs sustain, get some LS or LOH.
2. Boots - Need movement speed + 80+ VIT.
3 . Rings - Needs Resist
4. Helm should have at least 1 resist. Sincelife percentage scales with VIT, it's essentially useless to you. 1190 hp gain for you only.. Get a inna's with 40+ resist/ 80+vitality..
5. Chest - same as helm
6. Belt - I would sell it and get a rare but if you love the 4 pc bonus, then keep it. Get either pickup radius or your resist as the random stat.
7. Shoulders - No vit, sell it and get a rare with comparable stats for the same price.

Yah, I knew my set needed a lot of help. Thanks for the feedback. At the time I built it, a few factors were in play and I just wanted to be able to blow through MP0. I think i'm going to take the hit on what I paid for some of these items and sell everything, except for a couple pieces that dropped for me that I want to keep :).

If I make the PIMP cut great, if not, great anyway :) thanks.
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Interesting thread. Scrapz, while I think others need your help more, I wouldn't mind your opinion on my current monk/build and if you think there are any good upgrades for all of 6mil.

I can do MP5 no issues and MP6 with a bit more time with little issues so I'm happy for the most part but interested in what you think.
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Alright!.. i'm at UTC + 8 tho... so pretty much able to join tho.. add me up.. i'll confirm with u again.. =D.. might have more up to a bil tho.. yet to confirm... add me on online.. chat with u when i'm on to see if u're there.. =D
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80M budget.

Do you think 120k dps is attainable with more survivability than I have now?

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15M will get you a 40-70k budget monk that is balanced correctly. The set I built in my profile cost me 7m to build.. With a extra 7m, you could improve the weapons significantly. Farms mp5 fine. That is just the basis of stats you need.

Low tiered nat's set will run you 2-5 million for the pair. In a budget build, it may not be worth it to go that route. Legendaries should be added as your gear progresses. Only one I always keep in a beginner build is Inna's pants. It offers too much good stats to not use it.


Your resistance is at a good point, 848. but your vit is a little too low and stacked in the wrong spots. Weapons should never carry any VIT. Dropping to 7xx resist while gainiing about 200 vit will be more beneficial IMO.

With 60m heres what I would swap first.

1. Helm - Inna's Radiance. You're missing crit from this slot. 5.5CC /150+Dex/80Vitality/ Double resist 80+ or single resist + pickup radius.
2. Pant's - Inna's Temperance - 92+dex/ 42+ Single Resist or pickup radius. Since your current pants don't offer too much defense, this slot could be used to gain some dps. 2 piece this set will give you +130 dex.
3. Bracers - Lacking Vitality. Try and look for the same stats you have now with an addition of 80+ vit..
4. Chest - A rare chest would be best for your budget. You want over 150+dex/190+ vitality/single resist 40+.. Should run u 500k-5m depending on the market. You could always go with a Inna's Vast Expanse with +190 vitality but I woudl just do a rare and save up money for your other pieces.

Doing the recommended above will drop your resist by 150 or so and raise your vit by 300.. After that let me know what your budget is.. Should run you about 15-30 for above upgrades.

Amulet - 8CC/50CD/100dex/80 vitality/40+ single resist. Should run u 2-15m depending on whats available..
Rings - You're losing 60 vit and 80 resist when you change these... You can either run 2 rares or do a 2 piece combo for nats. For rares look for 4.5+cc/40+dex/7ias/single resist/ maybe some vitality..

Save the rest for weapons..


Looks liek you're using a skorn, I don't know the skorn market unfortuneatly. LS >LOH, especially with a skorn. Since loh scales with attack speed and skorns attack very slow. You'll benefit more from the large hit + large heal pool you'll receive from LS.


Your CC is way too low. Strive for 35+. Cyclone builds require high CC.
Your VIT is very low without the set bonus and your rings.
You're stacking LOH which scales with attack speed. Your rings lack attack speed though. but changing them would mean -200 vitality...
Would change your ammy but you have a 2 set bonus for + 100 vit.. that's -300 vitality..
Gloves/Ammys/Rings are a dps slot. These slots should never be stacked with super high mitigation but focus on dps instead.
You're at over 900 resist, you can definitely drop some in place for vitality..

Honestly you would need a regear more then you need upgrades. . I'm going to give you some random advice that may or may not benefit your overall character.

1. Chest - 150dex/190 vitality + single resist.. There you just picked up the most the vitality you will be dropping from your rings. +190 Vit.
2. Boots - Can easily upgrade these for cheap. You can now decide if you want to go with 2 piece nat's or just stick with a rare. For you a rare may be the better choice since you need a lot more vitality.. For a rare 200+dex/80vit/12ms/80+ resist. (+270VIT)
3. Rings - /4CC/40+dex/7ias/single resist/ maybe some vit and 30avg damage if you can afford it.
4. Ammy.. No CC/CD/VIT on it.. but massive LOH + set bonus.. I can't tell you if upgrading this will hinder your surviability or not.

Changing these will not mess up your toon too bad and should keep the same sustainibilty with options to really upgrade your toon for higher dps in the future.


Honestly, your character is fairly balanced. High RES/high armor good amount of CC. Like all others in the thread, you need more vitality..
There isn't much to improve your toon atm for 5m. I would just continue saving for a bigger upgrade on your bracers or shoulders.


Sorry, Can't see your profile.


Thank you for the offer, all donations go directly back to the people in this thread.I do not keep anything for myself.

I can't really give you much advice as I'm sure you know what you're doing already. MP10 is a sustain/mitigation game. Look's like you're sustaining fine and should work more on getting more mitigation and vitality..

Bracers - You could pick up alot more mitigation in this slot. Yes your lacuni's are very nice.. but 9 percent more IAS is only .1-.3 more attacks per second correct? You will lose some dps and your movement speed.. I don't know if the tradeoff is worth it as people underrate the defensive stats being able to move with 12 more ms..

Thats or your chest.. A nice rare chest with comparable stats + resist . You'll still lose the IAS but .1-.3 isn't going to be a huge difference IMO..


What? lol
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I have about 50m to spend for an upgrade - kindof stumped at the moment, most upgrades that are going to give me back much DPS kill my resists and vice versa.

Thinking maybe a Litany of the Undaunted Ring Replacement
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Looks like you're in the process of regearing based on some of the post I made in this thread. If you need more help after you're done or stuck. post again and iIl take a second look


Sorry I missed you.

Your character is ok but as with all others in the thread you are lacking vit and abotu 100 resist...

Since you are missing CD from your ammy that is the first slot I would replace with your 20m budget. You're going to be keeping your ammy for a while so splurge...

1. ammy- You have so much dex stacked on here, its crazy.. Monks are heavily crit reliant.. look for 100dex/80+vitality/8CC/50CD/resist + 35 avg damage if possible. Doing this will not really give you a DPS gain on paper but have a extra 8CC and dropping a ton more tornadoes will give you alot more damage and sustain off paper.

2. Bracers - very low on resist.. Could pick up at least 50 more resist in this slot..

3. Helm. - Might be time to look for a doube resist on this slot. Resist > armor. you can either pick up 40-100 resist in this slot.


Character looks good for a shield and board monk. As with others, low on vit althought it won't bother you as much as others since your armor is considerably higher then theirs. If you ever planned on switchign to DW for DPS gain, you would lose 172 vit and 110 RA. You coudl afford to drop the RA but not the vitality.

Overall fairly nice build, just up the dex/vit points on the rest of your gear. Get some dex on your mainhand. Dex = armor/dodge/dmg so going for a lower dps weapon with some dex maybe a good gain overall.


Sure, just add me and I'll talk to you in game tonight.

I'm not sure, I haven't really been buildling 100k+ sets lately just low tiered sets. I'm going to guess on the prices but I don't think we'll be able to hit 120k dps while upping your EHP.

I would regear for more EHP then for raw dps. You're at 500 VIT and 436 resist, way too glassy. The majority of your damage comes from your weapons anyways so you can upgrade those down the line after getting the rest of your gear in check.

Helm - As with others. Vit > Life. Simply because life percentage scales with vit. You're gainign 2k health from it, attainable from 70 more vit.. Go for a Double resist roll + 80 vit in this slot.. Should run you 5-20m..

+80 resist +50 vit. = 550 vit /510 resist..

Pants: Sell yours, pick up one iwth 50 resist for 1-3m. 49 str is useless.

+50 resist = 550vit/550 resist

Chest - If you wanna stick with inna's, go with one with over 190vitality. Should run you 10-25m.. Life percentage does not really matter IMO. a difference of 1-2 percent is equivalent to 30 or so vitality so factor taht in when shopping. OR you could go with a rare /w 170dex/200+vit/a resist for >5m.

+140 vitality = 690 vit / 550 resist or 600..

Belt: Is fine, could use more dex but it's not a piece that needs tinkering with atm.

Bracers - You's aren't that bad. 130dex/4.5cc /w 80 vit + double resist =90 or single resist 45+ and 130+vit.. 5-15m

+80 vit + 70 resist = 770 vit / 650 resist..

Ammy - Going to a 100dex/80vit/cc/50cd/resist wil net you the same damage + give you defensive stats... Something u need..

+80 vit + 15 resist = 850 vit / 675 resist..

Shoulders: Pickup 60 vit on them wiht the same stats - 12-20m.

+ 60 vit = 910 vitality / 675 resist..

Gloves - You're missing dex.. Going to a 100dex/6ias/8cc/30 would net you about the same damage but offer you a little more survivabililty. I wouldn't prioritize upgrading this slot till the end.

After doing the following you can change your skills.

Guilding light for STI - Def > Offense. You'll also be changing to overawe so you wont need this horrible buff that only works in teamplay.

MoC - Overawe > MoH- ToM. - you wont need the extra resist anymore. The CC you've gained will proc more tornadoes. OVerawe gives you a 24-48 percent damage increase. You'll heal and damage for 24-48 percent more now:D
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