Diablo® III

"Bummer, he lived"

I have a Hardcore Barbarian. He's nothing special, but I pride myself in the fact that I never used the AH to acquire items, and use things I have actually found doing A1 runs on Inferno and various Hell runs with good stacks.

Anyways we get to the first boss in A1 - The Butcher, and I'm there with three other guys who appear to have some acquaintance with each other. We blast our way through the Halls of Agony and then come to the boss where I click the orange entrance and wait...and wait. Meanwhile we're doing the runs on MP2 for best exp.

Two approve the battle, while one does not, and at this point you can either cancel or proceed. I, like always, hit proceed and the other two players did not. Usually the others also proceed, but not this time. I guess a dumb risk I took.

Hoovering over their profile pictures, I can see both are in town, so now I'm at the Butcher with three idiots just hanging out in town. Now I know he's easy, but as my first HC character I was a little irritated because I was not sure if all would play out well.

Anyways I defeated him in about two minutes and without much effort. Rend and Battle Cry boost my DPS into the higher 50k department. After I won, one said "Bummer, he lived," and the others go "On to another game to catch some other people."

Now I know people try to get HC characters killed all the time doing dumb stuff, but this was really my first experience. As I read some stories on here of similar idiocy, it's sad when people have nothing else better to do than try to ruin a game for someone.
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First time hearing people doing it as a team.

Always hit cancel if someone cancels. If someone else was less fortunate and got tricked into the boss fight, at least you can quit the game immediately to reduce the buff on the boss.
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You should have written their names down and post the information of their behavior here.
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They will be on my "Recent Players" list, so I will post them up if they're still there.
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Umm just wondering, how were you doing MP2? Pubs don't have MP enabled. Also if you are going for xp do mp 0 act 3 runs...
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We were doing MP2 because I was invited to the game via the creator; one of the players was a real-life friend of mine who left immediately after joining because he had something to do, then another user joined that was another acquaintance of theirs. My friend said they wanted to do some MP2 A1 runs and I was up for it but something came about and he had to leave.

After I told him what happened he had wish he had stayed, but in the end it all turned out alright.
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games live again, what were their names?
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badass man, just know you'll always be better than those losers ahahaha. you gotta be one of the best self found guys ever too :D
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Post their names I always love to know names of people I need to avoid/pk in the future.
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Glad you made it, I enjoy seeing that, that you foiled their plan.
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