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MP10 WWbarb 2. (advise)

My gear profile is updated now for sure.. check it out again and give pointers to what i schould worth towards if possible.

btw what Mp schould i focus on farming as i am atm. i tried mp6 now but takes way to loong to kill things and i die kinda easy.


Your rings has no avg damage... I wrote litany with average damage....
And i didn't ask you to get a set of them, because the other one isn't that good and the bonus is as good as useless.

"For additional AR, can be get from either bracer or gloves. If you don't feel like giving up your ik set, then you got to get them on bracer. Litany undaunted ring with average damage is pretty good for you. Quite cheap and offers good protection from elites."

Use Blood thrist passive, not inspiring presence.

Your mainhand damage too low... echo put off hand.
Get another MH with more damage and LS. preferably 500-1000damage not the DPS.

Your damage isn't high. should be farming in mp3-4. Try them out and see with mp you can keep wotb permanently and still kill elites fast.
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Hey guys, was wondering if you could take a look at my barb if he is going the right way. And if the stats look alright.

I can easily farm mp5 for keys, but i want to step it up a notch and get to the higher mp's.
As upgrades are getting more expensive I would like to know what i should aim for first and after that.

Thanks in advance
your vit is low, your sustain is low.
one of your weapans needs to have 2.5+ life steal.
pants and boots can be improved. focus on strength vit and all resis.
Go for a cheap 150-160vit ik boots. 13mil around. Mh needs bigger damage with LS, will cost alot more. Change it after your boots upgrade. Actually your ammy is bad too. Get cd instead of ias. Decent one can be purchase for 15-25mil in AH.

which part should i upgrade first? i want to bump my dps to 200k and gain more EHP to survival in MP10. My budget 250mil , thank you

which part should i upgrade first? i want to bump my dps to 200k and gain more EHP to survival in MP10. My budget 250mil , thank you

Your weapon has high dps but low damage, its not physical and didnt go best with soj. Since you have quite a budget, set your MH right 1st with a good and big buy. Get something like mine, axe or hammer, crit,socket,str,LS. 250-390mil budget.

Get the lost vit from a 170+vit inna pants later.
what would you recomend i change on my barb?
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what would you recomend i change on my barb?

Get more vit in pants, 170vit inna. Might cost abit but definately worth for long run.
More vit on boots too. You will benefit the extra vit through your amethyst on helm.

Then go for more DPS. Preferably a cc lacuni, before making bigger upgrades.
Feel that Bloodthirst might works better for you since you only have LS on belt, do try out and decide what passive to use on the extra slot.
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I want to do MP10, i put the EHP gear, and my dps is now around 125k unbuffed, 1mil EHP u think its possible to do mp10 ubers with this setup, or is the dps too low? any tips to get more DPS? i have innas with STR, Crit LAcunis, but i lose a lot of EHP, cant survive in MP10
D: no answer...

2)Putting EF on MH.
So much fear proc on nados, makes farming inefficient, EF is for OH when using WW.
Use it on MH only when you are using other builts, like throw or HOTA .

Not taking your own advice?
What rec's do you have for me?

First off I am financially challenged as I have yet to find a single item worth more than a mil (except for my wrists).

Second off I have had help from Dboy and PhatPho and they were very helpful.

I have made some changes and I am currently running modified Alkaiser (sp) run on MP0 quite fast.

I just got my main hand last night from a drop and while it looks bad it seems to help me big time over my last one....i just lose some vit but the LS is amazing.

I think my main change would be a socket EF but I wont be at 30m for at least another month.

Anything else?

VIT is good will grow with paragon level, you have alot of Vit look into more Life% instead cheaper on rings and amulets.

Your AS could be better, you need ticks to feed your LS mempo

Your STR/Armor is Low 6000 range is opt Ik vest

Your resist is too low 480-550 depending on Vit# mempo

+8% LS too much you can get away with less LS and spend resources else where.

At this point I would look into a IK vest first dont sweat the vit the mempo's AR will mitigate any lose in EHP with the AR. replace your helm with a Mempo and get a double digit STR belt.

I'd replace the Mace with a sword hopefully pick up some STR as well and wait on the EF

Thank you very much
What recommendations can you make for me? I do fine in MP5-7 (although in a 3+ person group I start to have a little bit of survivability issues in 6-7), but can't seem to very solidly break into MP8+.
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I would love to get some help cause i switched from Hota/rend skorn to Ww a couple of days ago. Can do mp8, can also do mp10 but not that good (but i can manage).

Feels like im stuck gear wise. What do i need to get me up to 150k unbuffed (with passives)

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D: no answer...

Be patient, just saw. Work soon though. Be helping out later.

I was comparing weapons with my ef on AH and then log out... -.-!
I don't play with ef on mainhand.

Thx for bothering to read page 1. :)
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