Could I also get some advice?

I know my jewelry is bad. Also, I've been mainly farming low MP, hence the sun keeper. I know I can get a new ammy without attack speed and make it up by replacing the hellfire ring. I also want to move the vit off of my ammy but I'm not sure where to make it up. Basically with the new patch coming and the increased XP boosts for higher MPs, I want to be farming as high as I can efficiently and am not sure what direction to head in. My ehp is a bit low but I'm not sure if I need more ehp or just more damage so I can heal more with my lifesteal.

Your sunkeeper isn't very good. Damage is abit small, but... i think its ok to keep it. At least for sometime. The elite% and LS goes pretty well with your echo.

Immediate changes will be amulet for more DPS from CD.
then your Chest and pants.
Getting BT armor and pants looks like an easy solution. You drop some AR, but you gain alot of vit and some damage mitigation becoming more balance.

Since you will probably be keeping your weapons. The only place to get the main DPS modifiers will be on your rings or glove. Recommend you to do it on your rings 1st.
Your glove have the important AR there. Leave it untouch 1st.