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Gold pick up radius should be revised.

I run a barb and I think this affix seems to be negelected. I won't search gear that has it since its not high on my list of affix's i want on my gear but I wish the paragon level would up it. Anyone else hate run circles around gold stacks till you click them?
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Yes, it sux. What really sucks is when you run around a gold pile like 3 times without picking it up :) I have wasted so much time running around to pick up gold :(

It would be nice if all unnecessary affixes were attached to paragon levels. It's hard enough to find gear with high stats of useful affixes.
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I do rather frequently. It really sucks having to run 2 or 3 times over the same pile of gold to pick it up. Pickup radius gear is also ridiculously overpriced.... A couple yards by default would be alright.
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Even if every 10 lvls or so you get 1 yard radius i'd be happy with.
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I sell more pick up radius gear than any other on AH it's very good seller I would not like this idea
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You can get pickup radius without sacrificing anything (based off the gear you're using)

I might agree to the paragon pickup radius is it was 1 radius per 25 levels or something.
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I think paragon levels should up your crit chance and crit damage, so I can devote my gear purely to pickup radius.
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Not enough dps for uber enrage? Buy higher dps weapon
Dying too much? Get more armor and resist
Reflect damage? Life leech weapons
Can't handle high mp? Lower it
Potion don't heal enough? Get globe bonus
Can't pick up gold? Get some pickup radius

The solution to most people's problem exist in the game, instead people choose to not use them.

Nonono, blizzard, fix this game for me, i just want to stack cd, cc, as, kk? Thx
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You should be happy. Autoloot now is better than clicking on gold piles.
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It's fine, l2p.
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Just buy one gear with pickup.

Just one will be enough.

Get it on shoulder or belt is easiest.

Or buy a Leoric's signet.
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12/10/2012 05:41 PMPosted by Blashyrkh
I do rather frequently. It really sucks having to run 2 or 3 times over the same pile of gold to pick it up. Pickup radius gear is also ridiculously overpriced.... A couple yards by default would be alright.

Things overpriced don't sell.
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What everyone else has said: while some complain about pickup radius the rest of us are fine because we buy gear that has it. Let blizzard worry about more serious problems, like pvp and adding real content.
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lol a barb wanting more freebies.

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As nice as additional pickup would be, I would be sad if they gave everyone enough pickup that you don't need it on items: I've invested a lot into my +50 pickup radius.

Also note that many people complain about a lack of diversity in itemization. Pickup radius is one of the few affixes that serves a purpose. There should be more affixes you want than can be on an item.
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I have 19 on my Barb and my problem with it is I can't tell any difference in pickup radius then when I had 14.
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just like all things in game, its a choice, you choose not to gear for it, so don't pick up or just click to pick up (like in d2)

just in case you are wondering where to put pick up radius. put it in

a) gear where there is a surplus of affixes, eg: vile wards, certain shoes.
b) gear where you sacrifice dps or ehp for pickup radius that results in the item being cheaper. (eg: witching hour, lacuni prowlers).
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Pickup Radius is one of the coolest feature of Diablo 3 that made it a better game than D2.

Finding equips with the said affix makes gearing more fun.
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