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Gold pick up radius should be revised.

Best laugh in a while, thanks!

I'm so anxious trying to figure out if I should go the "pickup radius" way or the "critical hit chance one"...
What to choose ? HEEEEELP, I cannot make up my mind!!!!!! :(
Well, it's a Choice. You can prioritize DPS, a mindless exercise in a single dimension which can be calculated offline and translates to a linear metric in-game, or you can actually think about the other aspects of the game and choose those.

Just because you're too stupid to evaluate a problem space that HASN'T been boiled down to a single red or green number shouldn't compel the devs to remove the Choice for those of us who are capable and want to.

By the way, PUR and CC can roll on the same item. Not sure from your example and devotion to removing all critical thought on the game if that was clear to you.

This isn't necessarily about prioritizing pick up radius vs dps which could translate to damage or survival. we're talking about gold pick up radius which really translates to damage or quality of life.

the fact that you have to sacrifice a stat for quality of life is mind bogglingly bad design. It'd be like having to sacrifice a stat to be able to repair ever.
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Let's get real here.

How much pickup do you need?

5-7 should be enough?

It will just cost one item property.

You have 13 x 6 = 78 properties.

You can't even spare 1.3% of your stats?

Is this game really that hard?

precisely. its like self inflicted terribad whining

lets say they give this to you, then you will be complaining next about having to move at all.

why not have mobs simply FLY to you from wherever they are on the map then insta die (as long as you meet dps/ehp requirements) so that you can even skip the combat altogether. after all, one can assume anyone with eg: 100k dps, 250k ehp will have no problems killing anything blind folded at mp0. so lets skip that bothersome combat and have the mobs just fly over and deposit their loot

if they ever gave eg: pick up rad on paragon levels, the whine brigade will start asking for movespeed or movespeed cap improvement, then cc /ias improvement and so forth, rd immunity etc, cc resistance limitation..
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I say every 10 paragon levels you gain 1-2 Pickup radius as an additional reward with your new portrait. This way at P100 you have 10-20 extra pickup radius. Not a game breaking deal, just something to make high end players be able to get the gear they want and deserve and not have to worry about the small petty things.
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I won't search gear that has it since its not high on my list of affix's i want on my gear but I wish the paragon level would up it

So, you're saying you don't want pick up radius, but you want pick up radius...

*Shake's Head*
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As a few players have pointed out in this thread, there are quite a range of appealing affixes that items can have. By choosing items that increase your pickup radius, you are making a decision that the value of that stat matters to you, and that you’re willing to trade other stats in order to have it. Having these sorts of compelling choices helps offer different itemization choices, and we like that players often have to weigh their options when comparing gear in order to be the most efficient, to have the greatest DPS, to find the best loot, etc.

We also like knowing when you feel that improvements can be made, though, so thank you for the feedback (seriously). We'll make sure it gets passed along to our developers.

Make stuff like +Health from Globes & +Radius random affixes that aren't counted normally. Say, Nagelring. It has no +random affix, but make it so that there's a chance for +globe radius/healing anyway. That's a good redo of +range, because it's a beautiful bonus to have, but not really worth losing...say...+~50 to your primary stat. (+Health from globe is also kinda useless because while it's nice, relying on health globes to heal you in the middle of the fight to survive is not exactly a reliable heal.)
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The only class that benefits the most from pick up radius is WD with the gruesome feast passive other than that unless you want all piles of gold no one really goes for it that much.
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Blue has essentially said to you who keep asking for free gift:

You beggars play or uninstall

The whole ****ing point is to make you to choose btw PU and other stats, to make a conscious decision. Paragon level MF/GF bonus is already a huge compromise to the mob to prevent the noobs from AFK for reason that they don't know how to balance MF into their gear, can't believe the mob is now asking for more freebies - exactly as what some ppl predicted before 1.04.

Edit: However I do agree to add 1 or 2 default PU to compensate lag and bugs.
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move radius to follower tokens so it doesnt interfere with build specific gearing up, during co-op games allow players to carry one follower token in their inventory and they can get the bonus from it the way the charms worked in D2. Add some more interesting, quirky looting/xp stats to them too, not just radius.
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12/10/2012 06:00 PMPosted by SoapBox
Even if every 10 lvls or so you get 1 yard radius i'd be happy with.

Great call - I'd be satiosfied with that.
Wonder what the Blizzard Lords of Sanctuary think

Bump this idea guys!
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Pickup radius is to Diablo 3 what Light radius was to Diablo 2...
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I think Paragon levels should add like 1-pickup-per-10levels, or something like that.

But I don't think it is useless in a item at all... Yeah of course I get damage before pickup radius, but still I have it on three different slots, just cause it's fun stat. It makes the game much more smoother, and it stacks nicely with Vengeance (DH Passive).

I dislike how some of you guys say its useless stat and should be given for free. If you are smart you get it on your shoulders and bracers. But then again you can !@#$% about losing some vit/whatever. This is life. I don't drive Audi A8 but I'm not ^-*!@ing about it.
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OP is terrible and he should feel terrible.
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As many have said, pickup radius is an affix just like any other, and you can choose to equip it or not.
My main is a WD whose build revolves around his radius. He uses both Grim Injustice and Circle of Life, so whenever someone dies within, i get life, mana, cooldown reduction, and a chance to respawn zdogs. I have added gear that gives him a 27 yard radius, meaning pretty much anything on screen gets picked up.
It took a great deal of thought and experimenting before I ended up with that build and set of gear. I like the idea that how I choose to gear is different from other people's, and not just the typical "moar deeps".
If pickup were given for free, items like main stat, vit, resist all, life regen vile wards would be EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE than they already are. As it is, I'm worried because it seems like every class is essentially going for the same sets of items right now.
I guess my point is, don't assume that just because you don't use it in gear, others don't.
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12/11/2012 03:15 PMPosted by HappySpike
once again proving that this "lack of choice" is ALL IN YOUR HEAD

Says the CM wiz and WW barb.
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What I do is I just have pickup radius on something. I know crazy right I think out of the box.
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We also like knowing when you feel that improvements can be made, though, so thank you for the feedback (seriously). We'll make sure it gets passed along to our developers.

Hi Vaeflare,

If you could bring this post to the attention of the developers, it would be much appreciated.

Example: In Post#3 there is a good idea on how to make pickup radius a more desired stat.
This guy has some very good ideas that, if implemented, will be very good for the game.

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Except it's not. There was no gold pickup radius in D2. In fact, you had to click on each pile individually. Imagine in D2 if items didn't vendor for insane prices (esp weapons), and you had to actually EARN the gold you acquired.

Pickup radius fills in that void.

And in D3 you CAN'T CLICK ON GOLD, I can run over the top of gold until the cows come home and still not get it, because I can't click on it.

Pickup radius, at the minimum roll on one piece of high level gear does indeed get the gold for you, BUT COMPLETELY NEGATES THE POINT OF GLOBES AS A MELEE, they are soaked up at full health.
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Please don't do anything to pick up radius. It's fine.

If something HAD to be done, let everyone have 1 yard radius maximum to alleviate the frustrating situation of not being able to pick up gold.


there's a difference between a 'quality of life' upgrade and most of the things it's being compared to - or choice.

right now, regular gold pickup is frustrating at best. giving it a 1 or maybe 2 yard base range is simply quality of life. it doesn't change any 'mechanics' of any class, and it doesn't negatively effect itemization.

further, noone would 'chose' to have a 0 vs. 1 pickup radius. seriously. get over your bad !@# selves. :p

if you're really worried about it, modify the pickup radius it to ignore the base number and count from zero.
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