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Bola Shot or Hungering Arrow?

I used to love hungering arrow but I tried bola and never looked back.
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12/13/2012 11:39 AMPosted by KainDraven
I used to love hungering arrow but I tried bola and never looked back.

Same here. I even use it for bosses. Especially when playing with others. Helped a Barb friend take down Diablo on Inferno and he was stunned 90% of the time.

Bosses go down easy when they can't move. ;)
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You know what, I am the same way here.

I know Spray the Teeth can be really good with high critical but the newly improve Bola is just amazing. I am not really bothered by the delay to be honest.

Both are excellent.
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bola for higher mp, especially with a CM wiz nothing can beat bola

anything you like for lower mp
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I use both. Bola and hungering arrow plus elemental arrow ball lightning.

I keep going back and forth between bola and hungering arrow. Back and forth .. Keep switching and keep thinking I like the other one better... Then I thought if I use 3 attacks for hatred and 3 defence for discipline.. I can manage most if not all mob encounters...

bola for elites and permanent stun
hungering arrow for snipe and fast moving mobs.
ball lightning for most high density mobs and most LEAD IN shots like one or two ball lightning and follow up with either bola or HA ...

Tried it and it works .. . I took out rapid fire for ball lightning.. Haven't missed it.. even though I used rapid fire web shot since start of game...
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I like the fire-and-forget aspect of hungering (no aiming).

here's my setup:

MP0-1: no hatred generator (only ball or multishot)
MP6 key farming/ubers: hungering arrow
MP10 ubers: bola imminent doom

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Weapon choice is the most important determining factor with choosing primary shot skill:

Calamity (hand crossbow) - Fast attacks. Top lvl players CAN get 3 shots per second with the right setup. Most use Bola - thunderball for the permanent stun ability with the fast shooting.

Windforce ( Bow ) - at about 2 - 2.5 shots per second setup it the most balanced of all three DH weapons. You get life steal and knock back and hatred regen with this weapon. You can manage your Hatred really easily with this bow. Hungering Arrow and Evasive fire works best with this weapon. Bola works also but you loose permanent stun or it becomes annoying when you target keeps getting knocked away from you when you don't want it to.

Manticore (Crossbow) - Power DPS machine. That is about all there is to this monster. With some effort you can get it past the 2 shot per sec mark but not needed. Heavy Hatred user but the damage per shot is triple most other weapon setups. Most top lvl players use hungering arrow but Bola/Evasive fire works well too... You need a shot and run but believe each shot counts.

I have used all three weapons. Windforce the most (paragon lvl 2 to 40) but I have tried Manticore and Calamity from lvl 40 to lvl 50. I will say they are all good. Each require a different setup/build plus a little adjustment to playing style.

Also consider adding Stone of jordan with cold damage or lightning is a great addition to this setup.
20% plus damage to elites and the cold will slow them down if you are using hungering arrow.

I hope this helps. Diablo 3 allows all builds and play style so the debate over what is best will go on forever.
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