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Not sure if this is a bug but since I didn't experience it until after the new patch and have not changed any of my computer or Diablo settings, I'm thinking it probably is. There are two related problems I'm having that are probably the same bug.

1) I am able to sign on but can only play for ten minutes or so before Battle.net gives me an Error 3007 and says that my connection has timed out.

2) Usually after having been kicked off of Battle.net (but has happened once or twice when I haven't been on within the last few minutes), I try to sign on and receive an Error 502, saying that there is an issue in the authentication module.

I attempted to fix the problem by attaching a Mobile Authenticator but this has not worked.

Also, no glitching or issues before it disconnects me, and I have a strong internet connection throughout. Just got a new internet provider (maybe that's the problem??) but changed no settings on my computer except for which network it is connecting to.
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I get that too, but happens after just a few seconds. I have no idea how to fix this, and have seen nothing about it untill now.
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Whatever the problem was, it was fixed when I got on after the maintenance had been completed. I know the maintenance wasn't just or specifically for me, but thank you.
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I stand corrected. I had no problems when I played last night. But when I was playing just now, it returned to these same antics. What could have changed between last night and tonight? Volume of people?
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Have an update to post: This issue is definitely related to Diablo and not my internet or its interaction with Battle.net. I know this because StarCraft 2 is working just fine (and staying connected to the internet) when I play it on the same computer and with the same internet connection. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to solve this on my own (if possible)?
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