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1.0.6a and Error 3007?


the game was fine prior to the patch, now it's not working for 90% of australia and nz players. I have real money auctions up in the ah and i can't get on. what am i supposed to do?
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Thx Lylirra 4 update.
Hope the tech info will help track down the problem.
Still error 3007 and can't get into WoW either(error 114).
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Really Blizzard, every patch you screw something up I've had to download 4 different language packs no work around your ******* ineptitude, what the hell, this fix doesn't work i tried it now it wants to log me on to Europe and i've got no visible mouse pointer.
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This is so typical of Blizzard, Whos going to make up for the lost Paragon XP?
If the guys from EVE online (CCP) messed up like this they would make up the lost XP for those who are effected.
if this is not blizzard fault, why cant we log in after the latest patch? it was working fine.
blizzard think that we are idiots and they know we cant get our money back and thats why they dont care.
Been away for a little while, first day I want to sit down and play, and what do you know ... :(

That said, hope the info I've posted in the tech forum'll help.

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Im an Australian and I can't log in I keep getting 3007 error. seems Im among many many more.
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hey lylirra how about any sort of update....your patch notes for your hotfix/fastpatch must have been lost somewhere, i only saw one thing that should not have taken 11 and a half hours.....i mean really....so whats the good word? any word of bashiok getting his job back? at least that kid was honest and straight up about rmah and ah controlling drop rates....they just dont make gms like they used to huh.

We posted the patch notes for 1.0.6a the Monday before we patched in the forums as a sticky, and on the day of the patch [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/8132311/"]here[/url]. The only thing 1.0.6a included was a bug fix for an issue that could not be hotfixed (but was critical enough to address now rather than waiting for our next full patch cycle).

Please note that the downtime experienced on Tuesday occurred across all Blizzards games, not just Diablo III. This is because the downtime was due to database maintenance, and not the deployment of the patch.

That's right totally ignore his uncalled for hater comments. Show some RESPECT Nevadie! (although I do miss Bashiok around here :( )
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Another Aussie and another 3007 error here too. How long do we have to wait for a fix?
new south wales australia has anyone got a fix for the 3007 error yet some parts of my town can log in but most can't wat"s the go please
The supposed fixes do not work, i find it amazing that i have never had any problems with any online game i play, dota 2, HoN, Sc2, MW2, Worms etc, except for Diablo 3

Maybe we should all be chasing refunds, somehow i think they would have protected themselves against this though

Fail game is a fail game, apart from the obvious game flaws which i can live with, i find it hard to enjoy the game when almost every patch there is a major issue

how can this really be the case unless Blizz just don't give a damn as they know it is a fail game and just want people's interest in WoW to be reignited through this game, also there is no monthly fee to play, so once bought, they have the only money they can get out of us besides the RMAH

Fix the !@#$ING problem you plebs !!
Every time a patch is supplied for downloading, there's a problem. I'm not a techie, and weird instructions about going via another server, or whatever, are beyond me....and not really an adequate response, I reckon. Now into the third day of error 3007. Ho bluddy hum....
Am getting screwed from all sides, My region in Asia and i have selected America from the day i started playing D3. Right now i came to know the following from Blizzard after the new patch is released.

Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 1.0.6a until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after patch 1.0.6a is live until those regions have also patched.

So until patch is released for other regions, we will not be able to login. Hope what am guessing is right. Someone advise me if am wrong.
I can play Europe but I still get error 3007 for America server, well done Blizz
can play on EU and asia region too, but 3007 error for amercias. goes to show its not our ISP fault. pretty sure if it was our ISP we be unable to log into any region
so... any progress from blizz end?
im getting the same problem i have been told that its my pc thats got the problem but its funny that my dad and son live about 2km away from each other all have the same 3007 problem but it our computers with the problem yer right blizzard get your sh-it together
12/11/2012 09:10 PMPosted by Pälädín
They are not stupid enough to piss off this many players.

The irony in your statement is beyond being profound.
I'm thinking that either you work for Blizzard or your hubby does.
Hey guys. Have had same problem with error 3007, all day yesterday and this morning. Decided to do the DNS fix suggested bu narull, and it does work. Total time about 1 minute to fix, and straight back on to the americas.

A fix has been provided to help to get those of us who are keen to get on, so instead of complaining and having a whine give it a shot and it will probably work for you. Instead of berating the guys at blizzard who are probably trying to solve a lot of problems for gamers, give this fix a go and then you might stop ur whinging.
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