Diablo® III

1.0.6a and Error 3007?


Absolutely f'n hopeless. I've had enough of Blizz's support and dedication to their games and the community. All your games are going to !@#$. But its ok because this problem is just completely out of your control and clearly has nothing to do with the patch or blizzard. GW inbreds.
Still cant log in, guess I'll try again tomorrow
changed the dns setting etc, and it works

this is !@#$ing retarded though get ur %^-* together blizz.
Instead of "error 3007"

I would appreciate a pop up saying something like

"Oops! We !@#$ed something up again. Sorry!"
Two days in row, can't login 3007 error.

I was working fine until that last super patch fix was released. Now I can't play at all.

Blizzard can you undo what you changed in the last patch please.............
Nerf - Patch - Error - Patch - NERF - PATCH - ERROR - PATCH - BLAME ISP
Absolutely pathetic from Blizz. So sick of the countless issues with this half assed game. Wont be buying a Blizz game again after this most recent balls up thats for sure.
im in perth geting same problem 3007 i dont like it i want to play
Australia here too. Can log in to Europe but Americas where all my work is at is 3007. Hurry up and do something Blizzard.
Blizzard could always contact said ISP's. There are not even that many in Australia and tell them there is a problem that they need to fix.

But I guess that is too much like real work.
Been reading this ISP excuse. What a joke. I am with iinet, other guys with bigpond, someone else on pre-paid wireless. How can all the ISP's be at fault? Get it right Blizzard and get your facts straight. Stand up and cop it on the chin and admit you stuffed it again.
i hope they can give us a very good gears in return for this HUSTLE!!
LIes Lies LIes cos d3 was down i played sc2 for 4 hours
ROFL this is all b/s they have no idea what it is I'd like to ask a question i created an account on eu presto no probs accessing that realm so i thought id try the eu realm i have an account there as well, well fcuk me they both work so why u telling me its my dns server and not your end?
HUH if it was my dns settings i wouldnt be able to log onto ne of them.
10 minutes ago
The real Question is ... "Why" do they include something in a Patch where it is known to take days to be published to the Internet worldwide.

It isn't the first time with Diabolo that this happened.

This was my search page http://us.battle.net/d3/en/search?q=3007

.. and I am sure they do nothing, just waiting it out.
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@ MilesTeg

I call shenanigans to, though over here we would call it BS.

I know very well it's at their end, due to the Facts, Yes thats correct the FACTS that me and others could connect before this patch.

@ Hochspitz

Yea your right, why the <heck> ( Note not allow to post the F word ) do we need to change all DNS and stuff.

Everything was working fine before the patch, so it's Blizzard problem.

@ Trust and iTapakeg

Your dam right, and it can cause even more problems.

I have 3 computers on my Network ( Mr Bro's and my Fathers and mine ) and I'am not changing anything or any of them to fix the problem.

And Trust once again said the same thing I did.

The game was working before the patch happened.

@ Techmadman

I guessed it would be, and frankly doing it and getting the lag is another problem, so yea Blizzard fix it at your end.

@ lavce and stickykush

Yep your correct, we can still play on the other servers just not the American one.

@ Zekial and xcentrik

Yea I agree, get your S$%$ together Blizzard, I mean even if we change our DNS whats to say you will not stuff up again and block us again.
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i still cant get into the americas servers wtf
have not been able to play for 2 days. Says Error 3007 yor server has timed out .........
wooohoo im IN!!!!

Lucky You!! I am not. Prolly got the Asia displaying The Americas as default. lol fell for that twice
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still the same issue in New Zealand. Its Thursday night here on the 13th and i was last able to log in on Tuesday evening. 3007. at least a 007 would make it the james bond off all fck ups.
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