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1.0.6a and Error 3007?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdQkPVL2ERg here is the solution for all AUS/NZ error 3007
oopss look like everyone beat me to it. all good
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we should not have to change fck all to our computers .. we bought the game, they fix it that's their job ffs. hurry up and fix it .. :P

how many tiems does this have to be said... they are fixing it.... changeing your dns will make the game work that is the bypass that has been giving to allow aus player to play dont do it if u dont want but dont !@#$% about not being able to play either

i dont buy a car with the wrong keys only to have car salesman tell me to go to a lock smith
This is another Blizzard stuff up when will they fire the idiots that are trashing their brand
12/13/2012 01:36 AMPosted by Ahshyt

Alright for the 1.000.000's time it doesn't work on all computers, what if we tried and it didn't resolve the problem?

Constructive Criticism is good, calling people dumb, where it doesn't work is not constructive.

Wonder how you feel being out for 2 days and can't do nothing but wait.

I played many games, never came across a wait time after patches like this.
All patches weren't good, but at least I could log in without having to change my set up on the computer.
I am still experiencing the issue of Error 3007 for 2 days. When can this be sorted urgently?
The funny thing is i couldn't log in earlier last night (in aust, iinet isp) then logged in an hour later no problems (didnt do any workarounds). Then try logging in tonight again and same 3007 error. If its a isp problem why would this happen?

A blue reply to this would be nice...
Still getting 3007!!! Does anybody know if this is ever going to be fixed??
still no joy,2 days and counting,i guess they dont want us to play the game,we dont count as costumers,very poor indded,the antipodes r the forgotten world for blizzard,oh well,i resign myself to live in obscurity from the rest of the world
lazy !@#$s at blizzard wont fix this problem until next week prob, when they add another hotfix to fix this problem BUT will cause another problem
Yeh hey, tried to log into D3 and im getting Error Code 3007 all the time, patch has DL'd already but now it wont let me log in wtf!, come on Bliz get ur shiznit together.
i dont think they r even reading this thread,no one of them has posted a comment here,thats a but arrogant
12/13/2012 03:18 AMPosted by andy117
i dont think they r even reading this thread,no one of them has posted a comment here,thats a but arrogant
Their one and only response to this thread kinda sad Hey all! We're still monitoring the issue from our end, so if those of you who are continuing to experience Error 3007 are willing, we've asked for some additional information over in this thread in Tech Support: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393109698


Thanks for the posts! Our engineers and QA team are currently investigating this error, and I'll report back to this thread once we have any additional info to share.
Haha I cannot lock in for weeks already. BLIZZARD did not fix anything.
still waiting on the patch to fix the problem that will probably just cause more problems just like every patch in the past oh and yeah still having 3007 probs it times out and says to log in again but no joy and yes Telstra ADSL in Brisbane, 48 hours off line is completly normal right lol
They should rename to Bliztards Entertainment realy
hi everyone,ya still 3007 lol ive read threads about changing dns and all that but quite frankly im lucky to know how to turn the computer on let alone change dns stuff lol its frustrating i know,funny enuff our internet was capped and i thought that going back to dial up speed was the problem so i recharged a usb stick i had HOPING that was the issue unbeknownst to me it seems everyone in certain countries is having the same problem,had blizz put up a thread or someting letting their CONSUMERS know before ppl tried tto fix what they think might be the problem,maybe ppl wudnt be so angry............ anyone agree????????? p.s...... still cant log in lol grrrrr
Australian Sydney here cannot log in for 2 days already, very frustrated and angry! Are those Blizz people going to fix it? Come on.....
No luck for Victoria Australia either :/
Change your DNS to googles
ie. for primary and secondary
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