Diablo® III

1.0.6a and Error 3007?


guys i was just able to log in right now with out the work around

thank u blizzard after 4 days of waiting u finnaly came through for us props to u
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also in, no workaround
[quote="73919540297"]Edit: Hey all! We're still monitoring the issue from our end, so if those of you who are continuing to experience Error 3007 are willing, we've asked for some additional information over in this thread in Tech Support: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393109698


Thanks for the help This link fixed my problem. Just the 1 command line and it works Cheers from Australia :-D
can login today thank you
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i cant believe this was even a patch they changed 1 thing, what happened to the next patch being something good... I want more Content WTF
Who numbered these errors?
working now, ty Blizzard
Thanks for the info "stickykush" much appreciated, it looks like it might be sorted out now though. I'll certainly be checking when I get home.
Bigpond user back up about 5pm
Still down in Japan. Same 3007 Error.

Why am I able to access this forum, but not the game?
Dont thank Blizzard, thank your ISPs remember
error japan here
Still 3007 error in Japan. Do we just need to wait for our ISP to update?
Got this working finally last night using DNS. Maybe Blizzard should put basic IT skills as a requirement on the box along with System Requirements for playing the game.
im from japan and i got the same problem about 1.0.6a with Error 3007 worked for me too, but otherwise I also continue to get 3007.

Are you all on NTT Flets?
I am back on at last ....Thanks to the team who-ever you are for putting the broken bits and bites back together so I could log back in :) However next time thrs a new update or patch Im leaving the country for a week or two :)
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Still down in Japan. Same 3007 Error.

Why am I able to access this forum, but not the game?

Different servers are used for in game traffic then the forums.

There are sub domains of battle.net that map to IP addresses that aren't in the same data center as the forums.

12/14/2012 12:19 AMPosted by PavlosTheGre
Dont thank Blizzard, thank your ISPs remember

I understand it was a joint effort between Blizzard , the ISPs and possibly whoever run the CDNs that were having issues.

12/14/2012 06:21 AMPosted by CAKES82
Still 3007 error in Japan. Do we just need to wait for our ISP to update?

You need to switch to Google Open DNS temporarily then switch back.

Also flush your DNS cache.
Change your DNS to or and it will surly work. It worked for me.
I've come to expect BS like this though. 1.0.6 brought terrible lag (can't touch my HC hero out of dc fear 3007) and didn't add anything to the game. Thanks blizz, keep dropping the quality or your products/services.
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