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1.0.6a and Error 3007?


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12/11/2012 03:41 PMPosted by SWAHV
Yeah the story goes like this, physical copies of d3 were region specific, there was a euro, asian and american region client. They could make more profit by shipping the asian client to Australia, despite knowing we would connect to the US region and it would cause huge conflicts everytime a patch was deployed (people couldnt play for hours) because of the update servers region mismatches.

That issue was fixed afew patches back, this issue has nothing to do with the different clients.
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its doing the same thing? at the same time? to the same people?
In Aus also, still getting 3007, also my wife is trying to install starter edition and cant connect.
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same here from AU - successfully downloaded the patch and getting the error after typing the password! - pls fix!
Thanks :)
so theres 2 seperate issues?

some folks are still getting asked to patch, after patching? fix by redownloading correct client

some folks are just getting errors for login after patching? fix with DNS settings
works for me. sydney
NZ here 3007 error now everytime I try to log in
If you are in europe (and playing EU server characters) and get the "new patch available, restarting patcher" there is a way around it. I just did it, and it goes like this ...

Warning if you have a slow connection, dont do it!

1. Uninstall Diablo3
2. log in to battle.net and go to your downloader page, select English (EU) client and download it.
3. Let it download to playable (took 30mins on a 12mbit connection), and run.
((First time I tried, I let it download fully but that didnt work, but that was without uninstalling so it might have messed it up.. ))
12/11/2012 02:36 PMPosted by stickynugs
I'm from nz, yes same problem 3007

melb aus!! same issue here
From nz aswell , error 3007, but my mate also from nz can play , whats up with ... that not cool ..
Coastal NSW, getting error 3007 also...
One hour later, still no fix
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Still getting disconnected.

You guys/gals over at Blizzard. Is this your first rodeo? Are you guys new to the video game scene? No? It sure seems like it sometimes.
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Quick update everyone currently receiving an Error 3007:

We've researched your reports quite thoroughly, and the issue appears to be occurring on the ISP side and not with our game or authentication servers, which means there's not much we can do to assist with this particular problem. It should be resolved once the ISP is able to get correct DNS propagating.

In the meantime, you can try to use different DNS servers, and Narull has provided an excellent workaround for that process here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393109275?page=9#171

Thanks again for your reports! We really appreciate players bringing this issue to our attention so quickly. (And thanks for being patient while we investigated.)
So you're saying there is something wrong on my end when i've done nothing?
How does that work?
Some ISP take a long time to update their DNS. Not really in the DNS configuration file that Blizzard has control of there is a "Time to Live" field. This is normally set to several hours to a few days to avoid lots of unneeded DNS refreshes. What should have occurred is that when Blizzard knew they were going to make significant DNS changes they should have planned ahead and change the TTL variable to say 1 hour. That way once the ISP did a refresh say in two days it would have read the TTL and started to check the Blizzard domain for changes every hour.

I would say that Google works because they have configured their servers to ignore TTL and just check every few hours anyway... because they are Google and can.
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So you're saying there is something wrong on my end when i've done nothing?
How does that work?

Not your fault! But there are steps you can take to potentially workaround the issue until it can be resolved on the ISP's end (which are linked in my previous post).
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