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Give me an interesting build, somebody

I call my Demon Hunter build the "Batman".
The idea is to use Spike Trap w/ Scatter + Custom Engineering + Sharpshooter + cheap equipment focused on critical hit damage, do tons of damage with the traps before your 2nd attack and then use vault, caltrops and sentry to kite, slow and keep yourself alive while doing some some additional damage, and then using bola shot, elemental arrow and more spike traps to finish off enemies.

Go there :


Then click on the gem on the bottom of the page, right above the footer.
And you got your special build.

They did that to prove any build is viable. Expect dying often while trying to agree.

Works for other classes too.

Did that because I wanted a new WD build, and got almost the same I'm currently using,
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Check my Barbarian's build. He has shields on his shields and uses arcane beams to floss.

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It's not too often I come across another mass AoE Wizard like myself.
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Two handed WW build works very well for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yea OK. Do u even really play the game?
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there was this sentry build i had use but destroyed by RD.
bola (stun)+ multi shot (to clear off white)
bat + spitfire sentry + lingering fog + preparation battle scar
custom engineering, archery(if using bow)
no crit/crit dmg needed
max dps weapon (>1.5k)
AS, dex, +damage on all others
at near 3k dex, 1.5k dps weapon, +40% AS
i got like 70k+ dps, with 3 sentry, its like shooting 300k dps to elite at all time even while doging.
only RD mob will give u problem with build
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12/11/2012 06:12 PMPosted by Grimiku
I like a two handed Barbarian build that yields a particular visceral experience that Whirlwind doesn't quite deliver. So I took some time to really think about what I was after and came up with this [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#abXSkP!hYc!bbccaZ"]build[/url]. It might not be efficient but it's crazy barbaric fun.

Interesting. How does it work? I can't see an immediately apparent logic.

Also wow, this thread really blew up. Thanks, guys! It's really cool to see all your interesting and unique builds, as someone who's spent over ten years in various Diablo games playing the weirdos instead of the hammerdins (for you D2 vets).
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he already said its not for efficiency. leave the guy alone. wow.
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unlimited tempest rush and bells is the next evolution to ww barb for me

it is a return to D2 style grinding with no cooldown spammable spells and almost unlimited mana together with very fast and smooth running speed to get across the map easily, heck you can even play with one hand while munching some food with the other

loving it so far :D
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I haven't played in a bit and I have yet to do this but as soon as I saw the first clip for d3 WD had zombie wall come up and I said, im going to make a zombie wall WD if its the last thing I do.
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I like a two handed Barbarian build that yields a particular visceral experience that Whirlwind doesn't quite deliver. So I took some time to really think about what I was after and came up with this [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#abXSkP!XYc!bbccaZ"]build[/url]. It might not be efficient but it's crazy barbaric fun.

*Edited the build link*
Sorry all, I previously linked the wrong build and had to edit it. :(

You use furious charge?

Tell me, how often do you encounter the stuck bug?
Have you lost legendary drops because of it?
How do you feel about this bug (which became 100-300 times more prominent with 1.0.4) being in game for so long (since launch), made worse and completely ignored until someone put together a list of 100 threads bugging it, which got a very basic response?

I notice you use Dreadnought rune with this skill, too.
How do you feel when using furious charge, to recuperate health, charging through several mobs and health globes, to be free of any effects, yards away from mobs, at full hp then BAMM, you go from full to dead in a split second?

As a Blizz employee, using FC, what feedback do you give about these two (and others not mentioned) bugs to the devs and how do you feel about the skill being so broken for so long in so many ways?
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Sorry about the hiccup and here is the actual build I meant to link. I should also point out that having a decent amount of Life Steal would make me think again about using Inspiring Presence.

Ahh... so your build revs up to 100% Fury fast and stays there. In permanent "Berserker Rage" mode? 25% damage while at max fury is nothing to scoff at... Interesting.
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Tell me, how often do you encounter the stuck bug?

That's the one where it perma rubberbands to same spot, right? Treat it like Jailer, only town teleport fixes too. (Annoying as hell and can get you killed easily but not the worst thing in the game....)

I have a friend that is a ranged barb with ancient spear and weapons throw. Pretty cool considering he has 130k dps.

I'm not even 60k dps unbuffed on my barb (I don't use scoundrel either) and I nearly waltz through MP2, considering bumping to MP3. (If I used scoundrel for that 3% and got some better stuff I'd probably be able to handle mp4-5, but I like Kormac too much for that....)

Edit: Wtf, says the profile link is "invalid or restricted HTML code". Wtf?
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man even blues dont know how to play, state of the game i suppose
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Way better than the WW barb. Kills elites fast and ubers. 1mil crit damage per sec when WotB is active.
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My barbarian

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Build must be able to do at least MP5 to be considered viable.

MP2-MP3 is a fun build.

MP0, well everything is viable in MP0.

MP6 to MP10 is only for cookie cutter builds. According to the stats for a barbarian, 96% of the high level paragon players use both Ruthless and Weapon Master.
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Anyways my two handed (maximus) + follower has maximus Wave of Light build.
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