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Give me an interesting build, somebody

So far I've given the chakram DH build a serious try and am absolutely loving it. I got some random cheap gear to try out a tempest rush monk, and I definitely see the potential but I'd need much better gear than I have.

With all the outpouring of interest in this thread I'm hoping this can become a haven for people looking to branch out from the cookie cutters. There's nothing wrong with those, they get the job done for farming, but I always felt like the point of cookie cutters was to make possible builds like these (by obtaining the wealth you need to make them). I hope everyone who feels this way can come to this thread for new and interesting builds, and if I come up with any I'll post 'em.

Oh, this one is fun: fetish summoner WD.


Instead of using the fetish skill you combine the fetish sycophant passive with extremely high attack speed. Generally when I'm doing runs I have at least four and sometimes as many as seven or eight fetishes at any given time.
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I used to use this with a variety of gear choices. It's actually a pretty viable build that is a lot of fun, but it's not as efficient as your typical WW build, so I don't use it as much. I can see myself going back to this.

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Wizards need some love as well. ;)
I have a lot of fun with my wizard build, which I believe is a bit atypical...


Fun because who doesn't like constant lasers and explosions! However, with no signature spell (and I'm packing a frightening amount of of IAS for wizard), arcane power is always a problem, hence the need for Power Hungry and Astral Presence. As well, maximizing AP on crit by having that on everything possible (wand, hat, source) helps a lot. With Hydra on primary, just click on a monster and a Hydra springs up underneath it. My only Achille's Heel (which hopefully will be alleviated with the next patch) is running around a corner into the middle of a pack, and reflex pulls the trigger on Archon, only to find out... Boom! Gravestone!... that it was a pack of Reflect Damage affixes. But then, I think a lot of people are having that issue nowadays. ;)
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Waves of Obliteration (Dynamo-style): http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bcQXTd!gTc!cacaba

Ideally, You want:

    2k+ life/second
    900+ ar (Easier with prismatic)
    45%+ cc
    7%+ orb cc (Occulus, SoJ, etc...)
    x% APoC (if you're swapping prodigy out)
    15%+ fear on hit
    Balls of steel

Living Lightning is going to make Calamity and Impactful Wave spam-able, making you untouchable. (Positioning Calamity is key) It's also going to generate 5 dynamo stacks almost instantly.

If you don't agree with this build, uninstall.
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I'm not sure about any particular builds but i recommend Cleave with Ruputure as your main attack. It's the best skill for AOE on your main and it's soooo satisfying! Especially when elemental chunks go flying everywhere (cold and lightning are the best).

I've been using it since normal mode and don't think there is a better skill in the whole game for any character except for maybe the Leap skill.
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Mine is amazing, don't let WW barbs tell you anything otherwise!


Farm MP6 with ease, once i get a lifesteal Skorn, will switch to http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ZXYQkR!ZYW!YcZZcY
and I can keep 93.5% crit on non stop hammering! No need for any other attack!!

Realy nice build man. Realy fun hehe, perma stun alll the way =)
I swapped Bloodthirs for Animosity. Because I sometimes went out of rage with it. And the +20 Max rage also give more critchance :) Maybe you try it I think Animosity is just made for hammering :) It also gives yout he possibility to cast Battlerage just with Warcry.

Btw pls don't use "farm mp6 with ease" terms, it's different for everyone I think... You can say definetly for this build: Farm higher mps than usual with ease :) btw for me mp6 fits just aswell as for you it seems.
And this build can be for everyone, bceause critchance% is easy to buy "but hard to master"^^

What I find very annoying about this build is, IF you die, you have to run a very long way without any speed buffs... Because the build doesn't require speed just damage and life.
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I don't think the CM's actually play this game.

EDIT: interesting...I actually posted this before I read the post just above mine.... So..i'll say it again, I dont' believe they even play d3 enough to make sense of anything they say about the game.

Also, the fact that they never have anything bad to say about the D3 suggests, once again, they don't play it.
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12/11/2012 11:05 PMPosted by DomonKassui
Sorry about the hiccup and here is the actual build I meant to link. I should also point out that having a decent amount of Life Steal would make me think again about using Inspiring Presence.

Ahh... so your build revs up to 100% Fury fast and stays there. In permanent "Berserker Rage" mode? 25% damage while at max fury is nothing to scoff at... Interesting.

Very nice G. I am going to swap to my 5 piece IK set and try a variation of that tonight:


I kind of like the idea of that 25% berzerker bonus with Marauder Rage perma.
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I alternate between these 2 builds, enjoy them both. Currently using the Sleet Storm build.

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Wizard Build

I freeze groups of enemies then hit 'em with my spectral blades and arcane orbs.

My spectral blades and Prodigy passive allow me to refill my arcane power really quickly. I don't have any AP on crit yet.

I use Ray of Frost to slow down any elites that are chasing me. I also use it to kill wasps or similar enemies.

I have A LOT of life regen and a good amount of resistances. Both of those stats I plan on improving even further.

I am at 82,000 DPS buffed and my spectral blades do 13% more damage thanks to my source. Oh and with my templar I have over 300 Magic Find.

I use a very similar build when I'm not doing uber runs. Can quite easily farm mp6 but I have some pretty good gear - it cost me a hundred million and I had some lucky finds as well. Use the life steal on my blades and magic weapon which allows me to tank quite well.
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I like to use a 2 hander monk build. When playing in a party I use the below as the passive guiding light increases damage and I get a the resistance boost from my mantra.

And when solo I use the below. It boosts my spirit generation and I gain damage from mantra of conviction.

Basically I ignore attack speed and use high crit chance and crit damage to up the damage on my spirit spenders. I then kite monsters by fire off Mantra of conviction, blinding flash then SSS to do massive amounts of burst damage, then running away to regen my spirit.

My monk isn't geared that well so he doesn't survive very well but it is quite efficient at mp 1 and 2 and way more fun than doing your typical dual weild build.
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My WD summoner build with regen would have to be one of the cheapest builds to put together, no problem with MP 1 or 2. He doesn't kill that fast though. Build is the current one on my profile.
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12/11/2012 11:49 PMPosted by fib
man even blues dont know how to play, state of the game i suppose

So you expect every Mercedes employee to also be formula 1 drivers?

Can idiots like you just leave? Really. Just leave.
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Plus the link he made was admittidly incorrect.

The build he was trying for with 25% damage bonus for zerker rage is pretty cool and somthing I have not seen done yet.
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Try a strafe DH that uses smokescreen to safely travel through mobs. Maybe use sentry chain of torment with shuriken cloud and emberstrafe lol.


Something like this so you have decent damage reduction, perhaps put in sp/gloom for even more damage resistance.
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I like a two handed Barbarian build that yields a particular visceral experience that Whirlwind doesn't quite deliver. So I took some time to really think about what I was after and came up with this [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#abXSkP!XYc!bbccaZ"]build[/url]. It might not be efficient but it's crazy barbaric fun.

*Edited the build link*
Sorry all, I previously linked the wrong build and had to edit it. :(

i suppose [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WbVRQP!ZYX!cYZaZZ"]this[/url] is kinda the opposite of what you had in mind, but its still based on your build and its fun as well. mostly because it´ll give you insane [url="http://i.imgur.com/Bcma1.jpg"]sheet dps[/url].

[url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WZURcP!ZYS!bYbYac"]this[/url] was my favorite build for xp farming low mp levels. 200%+ movement speed is pure win.
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