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Looking to Upgrade: Where?

Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough earlier to get a Mempo of Twilight and sold it for 40M unidentified. Turns out it wasn't worth near that, so I made off with a nice profit. Anyways, I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm really not sure where to focus. Some of you will probably tell me that all of my stuff needs to be upgraded, which I'm sure it does. But I kind of want to just get a sense of where I should look first and what I should be spending. Here's a few things that I already know/feel I should mention:

- Currently my DPS isn't extremely high, so I figure I should keep my LoH higher.
- I realize that my resists are brutal, so I'll want to increase that
- I use Sweeping Wind with Cyclone (who doesn't love to see all those cyclones?) so Crit Chance + Damage is great

Anyways, I'm working with just over 40M. Let me know what you guys think!
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I should also mention that the stuff in my profile isn't always what I wear. I've got a better amulet and bracers that increase my damage, was just wearing the other stuff for a little extra Magic Find.
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Getting an inna's belt would be a great start.

Your resist is kinda all over the place. What stack are you on and how much?
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Originally I had Fire Resist on here, but then I started buying some other stuff and those resistances slowly went away. Currently only at 145 Fire Resist (using One with Everything). Haha I know it's bad so I'll be looking to fix that, are there any resists out there that are less popular?
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All the single resists out there were less popular at one time.. Right now.. I haven't got a clue. But it looks like Arcane still rather expensive.

I would suggest you going for double resist stack on vile ward and mempo. Their base 70+ all resist does help alot and not too shabby.. and their pretty cheap.
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Sounds good, I'll have a look for those ones then, thanks!
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