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Best Mystic Ally (skill) for dps?

Bored with FitL, want to try using Mystic Ally. Which is best for dps?
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I forgot we even have that skill lol
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I've always been particular to the air rune myself.
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I have asked on the forums before and no one had definitive information at that time. The direction was, if you really want to know, conduct some controlled tests to see what their damage output is and what things change that.
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From a dps standpoint its hard to think anything other than fire would be the answer. Of course, I haven't used the skill in over 6 months, so what do I know XD
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It doesn't really matter has none of them would be able to kill a single thing on the map before you
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^Pretty much

Might as well go Earth Ally for the life bonus.
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I used to love all the allies except the Earth Ally. The problem with the Earth Ally is simple: when he dies, POOF, you lose the 10% VIT bonus he was granting! So your globe's upper limit is smaller. If you need the bonus, losing it could get you in trouble; if you don't need it, you probably should have taken the Earth Ally at all. He's the best tank, but he's got the worst DPS output.

The DPS values almost certainly depend on their attack speeds and the frequency of their special attacks. There's a comment on the Mystic Ally page in the game guide that claims the following:

* Attack speed is 1.0, regardless of your AS.
* Specials go off every 10 seconds.

If those statements are true, the DPS should look like this:

1. Water Ally (520% in 10 seconds, single-target)
2. Fire Ally (520% in 10 seconds, single-target, assumes 80% and 40% both hit primary target)
3. Air Ally (500% in 10 seconds)
4. Earth Ally (460% in 10 seconds)
5. Eternal Ally (440% in 10 seconds)

The Earth Ally and the Eternal Ally are single-target allies that provide different benefits (spirit, VIT, and respawn), and I'll guess that's why they have lower damage output. The Air Ally straddles the fence a bit, as the vortex does 100% damage to each secondary target that stand in it for 10 seconds. Against hordes of mobs, therefore, I expect the Water Ally to drop, but the Fire Ally and Air Ally to rise in value. Of course, they'll die faster.

So! Single-target, the list probably looks like this, with the possibility that #1 and #2 should be swapped:

1. Water Ally
2. Fire Ally
3. Air Ally
4. Earth Ally
5. Eternal Ally

Against a lot of ranged mobs, the list should look like this, assuming the Water Ally can hit multiple targets with its wave attack:

1. Fire Ally
2. Water Ally
3. Air Ally
4. Earth Ally
5. Eternal Ally

Against a lot of melee mobs, the list should look like this, with the same assumption:

1. Air Ally
2. Fire Ally
3. Water Ally
4. Earth Ally
5. Eternal Ally


All that said, if these numbers are accurate, I might be switching back to my old friends, if only because the effects might actually be bigger than FitL. It would certainly relieve my spirit constipation, as I can't use enough of it in combat. Also, I'd have my own party for solo play:

1. My monk
2. Eirena
3. That demon she keeps summoning from her Maximus
4. The ally

I feel some testing/researching coming on :)
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I ... I know considerably more about this skill than I did an hour ago?
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