No biggie I am sure it happens once a while just thought you might want to know.

First elite in the "Garden of Hope 1st tier" cant be killed in a mob of 3 I dealt with 2 and third one is stuck with 1/844151 HP nephalem valor not awarded (however the second elite slain did drop blue loot) the third elite had HP and it took several strikes to get him down to 1 but he was stuck in place not moving not attacking

(I am thinking he might have got frozen by my ice armor while under the slow time bubble, and he was on the upper side of the end of a bridge where it opens up and curves up)

Solo game Act 4 Garden of Hope Tier 1 Inferno mode
Lvl 60 Wizard
Slow Time - Perpetuity
Blizzard - Unrelenting Storm
Ice Armor - Crystallize
Aron - Pure Power
Spectral Blades - Thrown Blade
Arcane Torrent - Death Blossom

Templar as companion

Elite Oppressor mob
Fire Chains, Knock Back, Arcane Enchanted, Frozen

(will link screen cap a bit later)

I am curious if this happened to anyone else lately