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Disappointing Blue Posts

Thank you for being in this discussion, this is the most I've seen a CM post in a thread in a little while...nice to know you're still engaging in some discussions and providing us with answers. Some people just can't accept some of the answers you've provided.
My problem with blues is that it feels like CMs are casual gamers, and devs don't play the game at all, when the game is 80% useless skills that should get tweaked constantly but instead 10% of them get minor changes every 2 months that do nothing. It makes the game extremely stale.

If you want an example of good communication between gamers and developers just look at League of Legends. Extensive Red feedback in forums, balance patches every 2-3 weeks with new content, videos explaining why changes are being made and what is coming soon.

When a CM posts about technical information on here, it's probably wrong. During the PTR the quality assurance team didn't even understand how affixs on items worked when we were trying to explain bugged legendary items to them.

If Blizzard isn't playing the game, why should we?

My thoughts exactly,


This video was made well before diablo 3 was released

His main point was that blizzard used to be gamers making games, now they are just like

"idc if you have fun or not i just want you money"

Sorry blizzard but thats how i view you after the anual pass
12/12/2012 09:31 PMPosted by Lylirra
As for 1.0.7, you can expect us to provide something similar to the coverage we offered for 1.0.5, 1.0.4, 1.0.3, etc. once it's further along in development.

Sounds like even more Legendaries are going to be introduced =/

Is it really necessary to introduce new Legendaries every two months just to keep people busy with the game? Do people really find such an approach more creative and interesting? There are tons of popular games that dont depend on new monthly "endgame" content. Why? They are just interesting games.
By now this is a farcical question. Despite all the feedback since the games release we are patronised with "How do you think we could improve". Some of us work in the corporate world and understand the nature of VP's ED's and CEO's. As long as the customer base is maintained what we feedback is primarly irrelevant to the VPS's ED's and CEO's from whom you are drip fed your strategy. The low level support guys have no chance of being empowered to "escalate" but are employed to "manage" the customers on the forums.

In a way the game is not great but it's not the game that's failed it's Blizzards corporate vision and values that are being exposed online.

The more i see the rather naive and patronising blue posts "inform us" the more i think you are mighty Yank bank owned.
Wow.... So much CM bashing... Granted things could be much better. Many valid point brought forth. But really people? Does nobody remember "the dark ages" where the community as a whole went for weeks on end without ANY sort of Blue response.....

Lylirra is by far the best CM in my opinion simply because of her demeanour(gosh my spelling...) towards all this excessive negativity. She also happens to be a better person than most for that reason. Not many people can take all the hate an look at it constructively.

Now don't get me wrong, im in no way giddy like a schoolgirl over the state of the game, but everyone seems to have forgotten the state it was in pre patches... Progress takes time an patience is a virtue not many seem to have.

Have a little faith.

(I believe some hate is heading my way now because of what I just said... so bring on the haters... Why? They are my motivators)
This post was actually enough to breath some of the life back into this game for me. While I can imagine the frustration of being beaten down constantly in both the Dev and your own (blues) cases, it happens on the other end as well. Many of those who do make attempts at constructive criticism receive the same backlash and then simply give up on trying to be productive.

What I found to be some what warming is the back and forth between blue and green text and I think that's something worth investigating. I think I would like to see more MVP's... maybe even some of the more bitter people with the tag so long as they can demonstrate their views in a civil way. Also I like the idea of a thread every month or so where there is a large Q/A between Blue, Green, and a select few that share the viewpoints of the mass. Where opinions, ideas, and "this is where we are at and what we can tell you" are all centralized and put to easy access. I know it sounds somewhat political but in my view there is not enough organisation and what the D3 players are left to doing is making tons of copy cat posts and trying to shout over one another to get some sort of attention.
hello everybody !
I'm coming just for ou say your lucky, very lucky guy's !
CM's come talk with you often, more than in france....
We have NO discussion with CM's, or just for bug post and they say :" see this post www..., I think you find a lot of idea for resolve your problem"...

When I say never, is in general post or specific hero, or about experience game, it's NEVER !
We are no info about patch, never ! no resume of patch note...nada, peanut !

My dream ? speak with CM about my experience game, speak about the build of the new patch, the color of the sky, how many cat's we are etc...

Talking with my door is more intersting than french CM

So be cool with your CM, you are lucky To have good CM, who like communicate with you.
We see often in france your post, but no talk, because we are a lot of noob in your language.

ps: sorry for my poor english...
Hey Inf

There's definitely no hate here :) but Blizzard has transended what it used to be - it is a profit driven corporate giant that no longer relates to us in the way it used to. That is very evident in the corporate set-up.

My point is this:

Weren't we all at least REASONABLY happy with D2, built on a fraction of the budget, more enjoyable - but most importantly - kept us coming back for reasons other than auction houses and pointless paragon levelling.

So, knowing that it works IMHO, there is a great loot drop game out there waiting to be REDISCOVERED by any small studio with the balls to give it a go - but Blizz with all its might has not delivered.
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12/13/2012 12:44 AMPosted by cooldedeman3
ps: sorry for my poor english...

Your "poor English" is way better than my French :P
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12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Address the main concerns of the community that are echo'd over and over again, day in and day out. This means pvp (not a 'soon' response- a 'when' response), itemization, items not feeling unique enough, builds not feeling diverse/good enough, and duping. If you don't address all of these things with sincerity and urgency you are going to lose a lot of people soon.

And on a personal opinion note: In d2 players rolled characters over an item they'd found. Gear should be that exciting. Since rmah and gold ah can't be 'fixed', introduce some incredibly powerful bind on account items or something. Also, consider 'found item' mode where players receive really high mf but can't use the ah.

There is a lot of money to be made off of diablo 3, should the game get the attention and upgrading it desperately needs, first.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Firstly I'm a huge fan of Blizzard's games. I played the demo of Diablo 1 from a disk my dad brought from an expo, bought Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft, Warcraft and WOW(American, Taiwanese and Chinese version). I changed 2 computers for WOW. The day I pre-order Diablo 3 I was soooooo happy and told all my friends that this game was going to be really good, cuz it made by Blizzard.

However, this game is becoming a buy-to-win game. And for some unknown reason, I feel my item drop rate in D3 is very low these days. I levelled from paragon lvl 43-45, only about 3 legendary items dropped that worth about 20k.

Low drop rate --> Low gold income --> never afford to buy those item with crazy price tag on it.

Even worse, those good items won't be that expensive without speculators. I saw people selling 3 "The Witching Hour", Skorn and multiple "Vile Ward" at same time. I can't imagine how they farm those loot by themselves. You may say many games has speculators. In WOW, if you can not afford to buy top tier gears, you can obtain similar or slightly worse alternative from may other ways. But in D3 you can't.

some suggestions

Trying to stop speculators. Making some weekly events which increase item drop rate. Or creating more ways to obtain item like Hellfire Ring. So that those speculators can't pile up hot gears to raise up market price. Because market price will drop when normal players getting alternative gear from events. It increases the risk for speculator's business.
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12/12/2012 08:12 PMPosted by Lylirra
Given that, I don't understand why so many players say that we aren't taking player feedback into consideration. Is there something we could perhaps do better to make this fact more clear?

Is it really that many players who are complaining or is it that players are complaining multiple times about the same issues?
in fact, the most important is you anderstand what I say ;)

Necx, we talk about the same problem in france, and we are no reponse...
We doesn't want CM say "we see the problem, we delete all problem in patch for tomorrow", but just a "ok, we know the problem, we need some time for resolve this, so wait please".

today, WE don't know if dev work hard on big problem what you say, if they work for see all buff in game, if they work on a new mecanic game, new legenday gem etc...

I won't a " it's ok for new gem", just a "we are testing for a new gem, now we don't know if it's possible, but we are testing this idea, and we will say in few day if it's good or not"

I don't know if the problem is CM. they are some boss (Jay Wilson the most popular), and, maybe, this boss don't want give the same direction for this game than gamer or community manager.
Maybe dev's are distrub on a new game (titan project), but in real, maybe, they want work on D3...I don't know, but what I know, it's CM's don't resolve a lot of problem alone.

So for have more weight behind dev and director, what action can we do ?

I think a black day...
But no "no game in one day", juste "no item sell in one week end".
We will begin a friday at midnight, and stop sunday at midnight.

Blizzard download a lot of data about this game, and I think they see easily that a crash of sell item in a week end.

No item= no marchandising= no sell gold with € or $ and no money for bliz
12/12/2012 09:02 PMPosted by Lylirra
I'm currently asking what -- in your opinion -- the CM team can do to better serve the Diablo III community

At least a weekly update on PvP and anything else that is being worked on. Mind you I could care less about PvP except for not wanting to be forced into PvP. Also, anything that is being considered.
Question: have you spend any time in a Tibetan buddhist temple? man... I wish I had your patience!

This is the kind of communication people are in need for.

You say that from past experiences you don't talk about future changes if you don't have a schedule for it, but if you find a way to give us this information in a generalized way, that would be great.

Example, instead of dropping by and say "hey, we are working on changes for the monk" you could say "hey, we are aiming on class balance now. When I have more information I'll share with you".

People are eagerly trying to know what are the devs working on.

Now, my only concern and critic is: why don't you comment on threads reporting bots and hacks? Are you forbidden to? A simple "thanks for sharing. Could you send this information to <email for handling hack>? This issue is being worked on."
You don't need to give details that would help the hackers, just show us you are aware.

Also, if you could post on a weekly basis just the numbers of bans and the reasons for, I'm sure it'll serve as a message for those that do or want to do, as well as satisfying us with the feeling of justice done.

PS: I really hope to get an answer :-)
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