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12/12/2012 09:31 PMPosted by Lylirra
We're not at that point yet, but Jay understands that it sucks to wait and has been trying to bridge that gap via direct updates on Twitter.

Twitter??? How many different sites do we have to go to. This should be the only place we need to monitor to get info on D3!!!!
This game is still incomplete on so many levels its not even funny. I think what most are looking for is information about what is to come, what is being done behind the scenes. The constant wall of zero information regarding gameplay updates is staggering.
I dont think anyone would care about you guys posting your litlle anecdotes and such, if there weekly was som valuable information.
There is atm nothing to look forward to in the game, its pretty boring, and all though 1.05 brought back a bit of life, thats now slowly dripping away.

If you need an example as to how a blue post affect people, think of what happended when the future use of brimstones was mentioned. Suddenly people had a choice to make for the future, keep brimstones or sell it all.

Now there is just a vast empty space, and people start to wonder if this is it.

Just my 2 cp, bottom line, do a weekly update (might be a dev or someone else) about what is going on.

Have a good day
Simple answer to what blues need to do...Let us know about any important info on the game. Anything that is being worked on, anything that is going to be in an upcoming patch. Hell, if they mentioned possibly adding something, you can say that there are talks of adding "x". If the developers aren't relaying anything to you, then you need to go higher up and let the company know that the fan base would like more input and that you yourself don't feel like the developers are releasing enough info. We know it isn't all your fault, but some of the responsibility for the position you're in, is to get us info.

I'm completely fine with posts in the "fluff" topics, but when you go a week without a normal post and all you talk about is things that have nothing to do with the development of the game, it makes us fans/gamers wonder if you're even listening to our input. If someone starts a constructive thread and you have no information on whether it's being worked on or anything, you can at least chime in and let people know that you visited that thread.

This game isn't a terrible game, but at its stage right now, imo, it isn't worthy of a Diablo title. There were so many places where it seems like corners were cut and things were dumbed down. If there weren't any fans of D1 and D2 that thought there was still hope, you wouldn't have these threads listing what people want to see in the game. You would have your select few that liked the game, and the rest would just stop playing completely. There are still tons of people that have hope for this game though, the countless threads talking about improvements shows it.

I don't want to give up on this game, but every day that it goes without any improvements or talks of improvements (what will be improved/added) I grow closer to the point where I'm just going to put the game on the shelf, and uninstall. I think that many of us feel that way. I waited for this game for years. I had the highest hopes that this game would be leaps and bounds better than D2 LOD, but most of what made that game fun was taken away, and a bunch of nonsense was added. Blues need to please act as the middleman/woman and save this game. Anyone that had anything to do with it should be ashamed with the flac it's getting along with the lack of awards that it has and will win.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

A big thing would be to improve the boss dialogue. Stuff like "You will never defeat me!" is completely lame. To quote Diablo from D2 upon encountering him after unlocking the seals: "Not even death will save you from me." That actually is a pretty scary line, and gets you wondering: what would really happen if you were killed By Diablo in his hell fortress?

As for everything else: there are innumerable threads created with suggestions; many of them great suggestions; that would drastically improve the game. Among others (I can't list everything): runes, rune words, jewels (from D2), make poison effects on weapons DoT instead of extra DPS.

Also: I highly suggest you take a few hours and look around this website: www.worldoftanks.com

Look at all the things they do for the community. They keep a page dedicated to the changes being made in an easy to find location, they run tournaments, run contests among many other things. That is a fine example of what a loyal fan base deserves from the company that runs a game we all spent $60 to buy.

Note: I am NOT advertising for World of Tanks (they do it just fine on their own), but rather using their website as an example of what should be.
it stops being a discussion between players and turns into a some sort of modified Q&A

If there was more feedback and more response, it would be less likely to turn into a Q&A. I think the reason it turns into a load of questions is because many times we go a week without any input or any responses in constructive threads.
Try To keep your promises, PvP ? Introduction of New Legendary/set items overtime not a complete remake. it could be done within 10 minutes, how hard is it to put a item together, There is no balance whatsoever on thoose items. Maybe let Jay post it here so we dont have to go for third party sites to get information of upcoming changes. Be active ? Ban botters and Cheaters ?, Like how many time you gonna warn people third party programs is not allowed with d3 before you take action ? i still see streamers using third party programs since day1 so is Action taken or you only treat people who actually care about there accounts ?
Dude, I don't have (and care about) twitter, what are the latest news on Pvp ???


Thank you for all your answers, you're in a very difficult place being the only Blizzard representative that's directly in touch with the community and fan base.

To try and answer the question of how could you be a better CM :

First, try to find a balance between useful game information and personal/irrelevant stuff. Right now we, the community, feel there's too much blabla on stuff that doesn't matter to the game.

Second, people want information on how the is game evolving, on what the devs are working on. We don't necessarily wan't 100% accurate numbers, but it would be nice to know if the dev team is working on stuff that seem important to the community or not. Tell us the dev team is testing this or that, it doesn't engage them in any way, but at least we know important stuff is being adressed, not ignored. And if the dev team feel they don't need to change this or that, then tell the community ! So we don't waste time and effort posting about it !

Thirdly, there are many topics that have been discussed A LOT, but didn't receive any answer. Take itemization for example : did you see this thread ? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004016367?page=1 This is only one of many successful and busy threads that seemed to be totally ignored by Blizzard : by you, CM, and also by the dev team.
There are things that NEED a response. Build diversity is another issue. Monks being weak are another issue. Wizard's proc rates being nerfed instead of Critical mass is another issue. Life steal on belts for all classes is another issue. Barbs being the only class that actually feels powerful is another issue that the whole These stuff MATTER, so talk about it. "We're looking into it", "we're working on Monks passives right now", "procs for Wizards are fine", etc.
The last news we had about this were weeks ago, and for all we know nothing is being done about it.
On the itemization issue, the last thing we heard was a totally useless post about the thorns affix. I mean, THORNS ?? It's utterly useless and will still be useless. It will never make or break a character, and there are many other MUCH MORE interesting affixes to work and improve on.
On the Monk issue we had blabla about Lashing tailkick... How about talk to us about the spirit generation ? The passives being utterly weak compared to barb ?

- Find balance between pet talk and game mechanics (between stuff that matters to D3 and stuff that don't matter).
- The community wants information, even if it's not 100% sure and accurate. We'd love to know what's the dev team testing right now, some weekly Developer's journal maybe ?
- Identify subjects that NEED answers and communicate on them, even if it's to say that you can't say anything or whatever.

Edit :
One last thing : CM posts often don't have enough visibility. Why don't you guys make a weekly recap of all the game related posts made by the CM's ? It's probably dangerous to do that, because it would reveal the total lack of communication on game related topics, but that would certainly be a very good way to improve the Blizzard-community relation.
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I gave up hope, PvP sounded fun back in May now im playing different games.
Why would you bash on the CM's for making casual posts? How else are you going to know they are even there? It seems to me they will always give us information whenever it is released. IMO they have been doing a great job.
Giving information when it is released is not enough right now. D3 is too far from being a stable game for that.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Is there anything you (blizz) are going to do to stop duping?
Or do you even admit that there is a chance that people are duping items?
if blizzard wanna improve should listern player voice , we are player , we are your boss too
I just wonder how big their D3 dev team currently is. How exactly they are managing the projects? Are they allocating resources to some other prioritized projects?

It might be the case where very few developers are left working long and hard on D3, which would explain why the pace of making significant improvements is sluggish.
12/13/2012 03:02 AMPosted by MSNGary
if blizzard wanna improve should listern player voice , we are player , we are your boss too

I would love to see some kind of video blog about which classes known blizzard employees prefer to play. Which skill set they prefer and why. What they like to do in the game privately. Maybe some group play footage of them. What they consider being the most fun in the game.

This could be very informative and also fun. Wonder why they never did anything like this.
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Lylirra. You've posted so much. Just know for yourself that you've done a huge part for now. Pat on the shoulder k?
Take a much needed break to cuddle a pet, flip some bacon and go for a walk.
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