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Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Maybe if you be more transparent..So many time since 1.5 and nothing new..Not even a blog or something..Only questions about envoerments and stuff, Jay sayez that a pvp blog is comming real soon , after a week he sayez he sayed to fast too soon and its not comming untill the end of the month, and its not a promise:))..And he sayes people interpretate what he sayez to hard...I think when you are in hes position meaning : "Game Director @ Blizzard Entertainment, currently working on Diablo 3" , when you say something you have to say it for sure cos your not the cleaning woomen working at Blizz and hoping pvp comes out:), if you now what i mean..And give us more credit, the people who played the game since launch day 1, 1000 hours + and who are writing to you on the forum every day...
And at this point if you want my opinion , i think im not the only 1n who is bored with this game..After 1000+ hours of playng i have nothing to sell on AH or RMAH , i farm constantly zones of every act on MP 5 ( 500 MF ) and 6 ( 525 MF ) , and i get a tousands of unusless items from yellow to legendary..As i recall in the MF Post it sayez that MF influence tha quality of the items...Now i ask you, it is posible to farm a cople of months , 2 or 3 , and do not get a single item with max mf that worth more than 5 m? Or maybe for me to use or something...And i dont like another thing..I now all the items in the game..WHen something dropes i now what it is , whats its name ,color , even stats, and tell me Lylirra if you play the game, you like it when you farm a cople of weeks and the dropes are only Yatagan and Scutum and Defender and Goendrang and Skarlatan axe and houndrets of 2hands that have never benn or will be used by anny1n in the game?..Jay likes when he makes runs what items dropes?I dont thinks so and if you say you like them and its no problem with them i wont play in my life.,..Lack of Itemization ..If you noticed if you grow up in mp the blue and white items are called the same but with something different in front..Like Scavenged Archon Armor:))))))..Omg im sick of this items..No offence to no1n who dosent agree with me ..And sorry for my english i hope you understand :))
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i think blue posts are alright. at least they like to interact with us, perhaps not the way everyone wants but that's still something. but yah.. they really should post more often
they won't give us any info about anything if they aren't allowed to do so and/or are not certain about the info. im sure they're doing everything they can to make this game better.
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Theres 1 more thing that I would like to add, I made a thread called "I felt cheated" and it received almost 700 views and over 100 comments. The thread was all true about how a video footage released by blitz 4 years ago about d3 gameplay trailer actually looks better than the current game which totally doesnt make sense. I made that thread in order to let people know and in fact a lot of players didnt know about this. In stead of saying something about the matter, guess what blitz did? Ninja locked my thread. And when other players repost the thread, guess what blitz did? Ninja delete the threads. Oh wow, so all that Blitz did was just to run away from the truth and just hide stuffs that they found too true? I am so freaking disappointed and have absolutely nothing to say :|
This entire thread is a shining example of why D3 will always be caught in a loop.

Group A is mad, feedback is relayed, listen to group A, change game.
Now group B is mad, Group B happens to be the actual majority.
Blizzard learns from past mistakes, stops listening.
Game is flamed beyond reason.

I enjoy MoP, I own every blizzard game, I've never posted on forums until D3.

You need to learn when to listen.
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12/12/2012 07:23 PMPosted by Montus
It's all moot. That was this month's blue post.. Way to waste it, guys.


Seriously, the blue posts need to address the nuts and bolts of the gameplay mechanics. I was reading the Tech Support forum and the blue addressed almost every valid post directly and promptly, going so far as to ask for posters' tech specs and promising a prompt reply once he ran them by the dev team. That's the kind of support we need. Hard facts and doing research and following up on promises. It exists in the Tech Forum, why not here?
Well I am lost hear… She takes the time to even address this thread and she is getting backlash about the game. I could bet good money that she doesn’t code or have anything to do with decision making involving R&D. They provide (usable feedback).

I might be wrong but I believe that there job is to manage the forums. I am also willing to bet that the reason that they post on things that are (not important) is an attempt to have some kind of post other then negative complaints.

Despite what people may think lots of sampling is done before the guide lines of what blues can and can’t post on is setup. Most players look at the forums once and never return.

I may be going out on a limb saying this as well but I am will to bet she has gone above and beyond what her job responsibilities are more then once to provide a response to the forums. I can remember at least once that she took the time to research the duping problem and actually replied to the post.

Keep in mind that the main function of the moderators is to do just that. Keep an eye on things and try to keep order. Just try to read even %30 of all of the posts and then cipher out usable data. I think its madness personally that you expect the moderators to even have the time to respond to even %2 of the posts.

Lylirra YOU ROCK! In the world of customer service you are truly an amazing find. You are brave and willing to put yourself out there to try to help. Just keep that up as far as improvements involving your job.

P.S. I would hire you in a heartbeat.
You could add some new skills (or items of new colour, like epic or sth) as a reward for certain paragon level. Or even add an event, which would allow a 100 pragon lvl character to be permamently converted into one of several elite classes. An elite class could then have new skills or be able to wear certain items unavaiable for normal characters.
12/12/2012 09:40 PMPosted by Lylirra
Hey, you sit next to Bashiok long enough (going on 2 years now) and some of his habits are bound to rub off. :P

12/13/2012 05:33 AMPosted by OldSchool
What about the "Like" button? Do posts with a lot of "Likes" stand out to CM's? It seems that only topics that get a lot of spam move to the popular topic list and it doesn't account the "Like" button at all. Whats the best way for us, as a community, to come together to try and get a particular topic viewed by a CM?

I was really hoping this would get answered. I still have no idea what that "like" button does from a CM perspective. Its one of the only tools we, as a community, have to work with. Why does a topic with more spam get pushed to the top 10 list while a post with more "likes" gets barried within the d3 forum?

Perhaps showing the players the numbers of likes and dislikes a post might have on it would promote more use of the tool.

Showing the number of likes is a very good idea to make the forums a better place.
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The problem is that what people want is direct insight into the thought processes of the developers. They want to know what is being considered, why decisions were made, what's being done, everything. I suppose all that's ok at that point, though mostly impossible to provide -- it would take so much of a developer's time that they wouldn't have time for actually doing any development.

The problem comes in because of why people want that information. They want to be able to hang their hopes on something, argue with something substantial. They want promises, they want to debate game design with the developers, and they want massive, frequent change that actually tends to be upsetting to a lot of players. Some people would rather have constant change than live with something that's less than ideal, while others would rather have something bad, as long as they're given time to understand and adapt to it.

Regardless of all that, I do wish that Diablo III had a public bug tracker. Despite how incompetent I know the average person is at using one. They can't even figure out how to search a forum! Related, however, is that the forum search function is awful. If that would be improved, that would make finding information, including blue posts, a lot easier. The blue tracker only helps in finding recent posts. But you can't currently search both for post author and content -- you can only do one or the other. There have been advanced searching instructions posted on both the WoW and SC2 sites in the past ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1123259 and http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/702413 ), but none of those features work anymore, on any of the Blizzard sites. They were too complicated for the average user anyway.

Unfortunately, those are all things that the web team would have to handle, and not suggestions for the CMs (though they could pass them on to the web team). I think the best thing the CMs could do, both for us and them, is to simply acknowledge issues on a regular basis. They don't have to respond to every thread, but post, maybe on a weekly basis, a list of community concerns that they're aware of. It's that feeling of being understood that's lacking. People feel like they're shouting at the void. Just simply say "We recognize that there is a concern among the community about [particular feature], and we're looking at it." No promises. No bias towards one solution or another, just recognition about the issues people are shouting about, so they can stop making 100+ threads on a single issue, hoping that at least one will be seen.
12/13/2012 03:44 AMPosted by Diss
You must construct additional Pylons!

Clearly the best solution in the entire thread.
Read my post = Solve all problems at once & improve forums experience AND ingame experience. Lets emphasis on Reading this < Please > Do read Lylirra / everyone

12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393179856#1 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7393179847#1


Cant be more insistant. Do it!
Thanks for reading / support I would appreciate.
Everyone would be happy.
Ready to bet.

[quote] We do that quite a bit actually. Though, I imagine those conversations might be easy to miss if you're not looking for them specifically or don't always visit the forums.

(This why we tend to repeat ourselves a lot, by the way. Not because we enjoy the repetition, but because we often see the same questions get asked quite frequently. While we could just let players fend for themselves and try to find our previous responses on their own, we usually like to jump in and either provide the information directly or point people to where they can read more about that topic.)

Well I've made alot of threads that were nice, but logical and productive too, but those just don't get popularity, and certainly no blue posts.

Eradicate the problem...
Make 1 Post (sticked up) That takes into account all the good suggestions you read and that you want to suggest to other DEV members. Put it up out there so we know they have been SeeN and are Maybe on the way. Honnestly... Hire anyone and just ask him if he thinks this idea is winning and... he might even smack you in the face (whoever that is) before answering yes. Charlie Sheen approves of this (kinda have to get out of the drama a bit...)

Lets be logical. We need feedback and you are doing it wrong (sorry it sounds harsh while its not intended). Posting direct replies is fine, but you need some "tracker" for the community. You have the tools and the brains to make it work. Just do as I say. hell... Get my info and hire me for it............ I'm sure just anyone would tell you a lot of things you could improve on, but I'm sure the only thing you Need to do is this:

---> Post a sticky Thread with a simple list of ideas you have read and found decent / considerable <---

... perhaps even add your reply / concerns about the subject after the line.
Cumulate the subjects on that thread. If its too hard... hire someone for it and see your community (all of us players) be actually happy. This is the only reference (backup) we have aside from twitter which most of us dont even use.
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12/13/2012 05:59 AMPosted by CrimeGod
Theres 1 more thing that I would like to add, I made a thread called "I felt cheated" and it received almost 700 views and over 100 comments. The thread was all true about how a video footage released by blitz 4 years ago about d3 gameplay trailer actually looks better than the current game which totally doesnt make sense. I made that thread in order to let people know and in fact a lot of players didnt know about this. In stead of saying something about the matter, guess what blitz did? Ninja locked my thread. And when other players repost the thread, guess what blitz did? Ninja delete the threads. Oh wow, so all that Blitz did was just to run away from the truth and just hide stuffs that they found too true? I am so freaking disappointed and have absolutely nothing to say :|

I reposted that thread because I thought it was interesting to compare what D3 should was at the beginning and what it actually became, and I definitely don't understand why it got deleted.
wow big blue discussion sorry i missed it lol of corse as soon as i post blues run away lol iv seen them go around my posts to post on same subject as long as its a different poster though im not sure why i find it amuseing. my sugestion would be stickies for hot topics that are regularly updated direct from the dev team i mean there is no reason there cant be a weekly update as to issues they are adressing without posting details of corse they could show us there issues and even have polls for feedback. one for bugs and one for content would be ideal and then we as posters would at least know what to whine about because its not on the list and for cirtian bugs like hmmmm lets say rare achievement mobs that have been in the game since day 1 we could either see the work (or lack of it) that is being done on that issue and of corse we could start to see why when a silly quick fix comes out to make behind the sceans changes to bnet other things arnt attached to the patch.

this might seem like a large undertakeing but hey it might end all the pointless arguements on the forum about CM's not doing anything. i have seen many things implemented due to feedback and not all of wich i was happy about i mean the crazy drop rates have flooded the ah makeing it worthless now unless your a flipper with serious gold.

also perhaps a run down on the devs and what each of em are working on i mean im sure this is done in your weekly meetings why not post the info for the comunity with the disclamer that nothing is final or sure and we can discuss the crap outa it and who knows u may even get better targeted feedback from such a thing.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

When i see a clueless response like this, it makes me want to quit this game so much, i have wanted to love it from the start, but how can you love a steaming pile of turd. Only a mother can love such an ugly child, and that i guess is blizzard itself. They are blind to the ugliness they created.
The only thing the player base needs from the CM's (Because they are NOT Developers..) is more Feedback.. right now.. i'm tired of Diablo 3... and i feel like the PvP will come out with the Expansion Pack.. with the new items, classes and a complete re-balanced skills to work for PvP+PvE and i don't wan't that.. i payed for a game with PvP.. not a game without it.. what could possibly make me want to buy an Expansion Pack when the main game its still in beta (Expansion pack it's on the sight.. i know.. we know)..

We only need feedback.. tell us why we should stay playing and keep farming.. i'm tired to be plvl50 and never find a really good item.. and i'm not talking about the drop rate i'm talking about RNG.. we don't give a !@#$ if the greatest items in the game sold for 1m gold.. because you can find it.. who cares? we are supposed to be "Nephalems" the "chosen one"..

"Theres no such thing like to much power" -Jay Wilson-
The best community relationship I have ever seen was in EVE Online forums. They have actual DEVELOPERS talking to players. They share information on game progress (it's MMO so it's in constant development), on server status, things they work on, problems with implementation, they show a lot of graphs and tables, even some stuff intresting only for programmers (python porn).

I strongly disagree with your opinion about sharing information about incomplete stuff. I think that this information is better then no information. There will always be people moaning about some cancelled content, you can't avoid it, but majority of us understands that ideas come and go. I would like to get more insight into current development process.

Give me screenshots from developers desktops, I would like to see what they're working at right now. I don't care if you will remove it before patch. Give me info about PVP RIGHT NOW - I will be OK if you say it's still incomplete. Dissapointing knews is still better than no news at all.

Reduce casual chat with players. It's fun for ONE player you respond to but it's boring for everyone else. Especially when there is lack of really important information about the game. You can chit chat more when you give us more development info.

TLDR: give us developers on line, we don't need community people who can't talk about important stuff.
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