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Disappointing Blue Posts

I think this link is a good idea for Blizzard. I don't know why more games aren't active on social media with their fan base. Doing a 1 hour hosting, where you answer random questions from your player base every week is not out of the question.

blizzard has taken a more active role in banning people because its a bigger source of revenue than people think.

the forum moderators are not the d3 development team. all they can do is police the forum and give us information handed down to them from the big boys. these guys really do get a lot of blame they don't deserve.
12/13/2012 11:18 AMPosted by Intoxicus
Perhaps if there was a regular video blog of podcast of some sort that would actually show the community what is going on behind the scenes, the challenges you guys and the devs face etc.

Probably the same as in other software companies: discussing ideas, throwing out most of them immediately. A few survives until prototyping and then gets thrown out. Sometimes we do nothing, because you cannot be having a great idea every day for months. Sometimes we work like crazy though.
None of that is really interesting.
12/12/2012 07:19 PMPosted by Snipin
How do you think we could improve?

You can start by not responding to useless "your fav char, your fav act, your fav part of the game" threads and responding to the 1000+ suggestion threads...
Suggestions to CMs from a player:

1a) Engaging discussion in casual topics is fine; it shows interest in the community even when there is nothing meaningful to convey.
1b) My suggestion on how to improve would be to engage in casual topics that are not game related because some people look for hidden meanings in these comments and are disappointed when the absurd interpretation they invented doesn't come true. When they blame CMs for their ridiculous interpretation it gives that player an artificially negative view of the CMs/Blizzard/D3. Off the cuff, I would cite Vaelflare as the best example of the appropriate kind of off-topic things to discuss for a CM. Grimmiku is most in need of improvement here.

2a) CMs like to assure us that they are conveying our comments to developers. I find these kind of blind assurances frustrating. Which player comments are you conveying? What kind of comments do you pass on to developers? How do you pick comments to pass on to developers? The reason it is frustrating is because IMO at least 50% of the ideas players post to the forums to "improve" the game would make it worse. Are the CMs giving equal weight to crap ideas as they give to good ideas? What kind of incentive is there for constructive, positive posts and ideas when they are regarded with the same exact silence as the idiotic blathering that gets repeated a million times a day? You are CMs, you should encourage positive community but you don't. The forums trolls outnumber everyone else which results in bad ideas rising to the top. The loudest, most obnoxious people run the forums rather than level-headed moderators or constructive thinkers. The CMs are directly to blame for this.
2b) My suggestion is transparency. Do a weekly roundup of the most notable topics/ideas/discussions that were forwarded to developers. Post the weekly roundup in the forums. Give some of the developers forum accounts and have them comment on one or two of the topics that were in the roundup. Nothing has to be definitive, just a simple "We noticed this issue as well, we would like to address it but we don't have any solutions yet." Or if it's something the developer was just working on then they can give some additional insight. Just give us something. The worst possible thing you can do is not communicate: Wall of silence keeps the trolls in charge.

3) Expand forum moderation.
3a) Automatically lock topics that are too old (perhaps 1 month without a post). There is a necro problem where people seem to think its funny to bump topics that are now obsolete and it pollutes the forums with yesterdays news. Happens extraordinarily often on these forums.
3b) Experiment with player moderation. Perhaps similar to MVP program- reputable posters are given probationary moderator powers. CMs are not on the forums 24 hours a day. Trolls are. Players are. In the long run, it's the only possible solution.
3c) Evaluate the usefulness of all the different forum subdivisions. A lot of them seem to be redundant with each other (eg. class forums == trade forums), or have a focus that is so narrow that players have repurposed it to something other than its official description (eg. artisans).

4) Play the game and enjoy.
12/13/2012 11:46 AMPosted by Polaris
Do a weekly roundup of the most notable topics/ideas/discussions that were forwarded to developers.

That ALWAYS translates in users' minds as promises.
12/13/2012 11:46 AMPosted by Polaris
Give some of the developers forum accounts and have them comment on one or two of the topics that were in the roundup.

Half of the software dev team would quit their jobs immediately. Other half would lose their sanity the first week. People who develop software are usually not very good at handling users directly.
Well, I guess if blues are still taking feedback here I'll go ahead and mention the sc2 weekly art of war threads were great for generating constructive discussion, and made it feel like the blues were actively trying to work toward something.

A bit more difficult in a game like d3, there's much less dynamics and much more rng, but perhaps a "builds with skill x" discussion would be pretty interesting and useful. a huge majority of "guides" on these forums are written by people without a clue, be nice to have a decently moderated collection on good builds.

Honestly, I check blue posts for hints at what dev changes and features are coming, beyond that and the occassional ban/thread lock I don't expect anything from them and I don't think anyone else should.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

I would personally request more attention to issues raised in the HC forums. There are a lot of great ideas there.

Also, I'd encourage routinely holding this type of direct question and answer session/post, regardless of naysayers, trolls, and the inevitable flood of ill will.
Dang. CMs have been on the ball last couple days. *thumbs up* Good job.
I think the main concern of the community is the lack of substantial additions to the game or lack of information regarding it. Apart from the '/player X' function and adding more levels to the game there really hasn't been much in the department of additions. I realize that new content cannot be pushed out extremely quickly but most of the 'what is wrong with the game' feedback leads back to a lack of content, and depth - specifically in regards to itemization, affixes and variation in general.

Since the release of Diablo 3 in May almost everything in the game that has been patched has been fixes to system problems that already exist, such as legendaries, skill imbalances and gamebreaking builds. Beyond that the last time we had a developers blog was Sept. 14, which is a day away from being 4 months ago. Needless to say we're in the dark and a little disappointed with what we know is coming down the pipeline. PVP will be a good addition to the game but Diablo 2 managed to put out an entire expansion pack in a year, with over 80 new items, runes, classes and areas... and yet here we are 8 months in and we're still waiting for a fundamental part of the game.

I realize the Community Managers can only do so much in regards to providing information but the truth is expectations are high due to past experience and frankly we're all hungry dogs getting fed information scraps on a monthly basis. There just needs to be a little more transparency between the players and the developers, instead of having to wait a third of a year for new information.
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I understand that there are so many posts that it is virtually impossible to read each one. But when you see tons of threads of the same subject it would be great if you responded to them. Ex. reflect damage, duping, bots, PVP, etc. At least post something in the high visibly threads instead of posting about personal stuff or do both. When people see that CM's skip real topics it infuriates them and makes them think you don't care.
Blue posts lately only comment about personal things like what's your favorite voice in the game, or what's your favorite legendary. At the end of the day, these are counterproductive to the main problem of the game, which is the game.

you missed some of the quotes where some blue posts talked about Reflect Damage?
Grim's post about changing to creative barb build was funny as hell.
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Basically the blues are given a political speech class on how to not answer the question but make it seem like they are giving an answer.
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