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Jay wants your vote ... let's help him out :P

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It shouldn't win any awards in it's current state ... it's not a bad game, but there are too many problems with it.
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I would rather put needles in my eyes than vote for Diablo 3 to win an award.The game in my opinion is awful.The fact the development team did not carry over what was great from Diablo 2 just shows how little they cared about the fan base.
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Looks like D3 has an early lead. Guess the whiny haters that spent the last half year of their lives raging about D3 can't be bothered to make sure it loses in the first round like the terribad game it supposedly is. Bunch of slackers.

I highly doubt it'll happen, but it would be hilarious if D3 won that People's Choice Award.

Edit: Upon further review of the brackets, it seems to me that they loaded up the left side with most of the really good games and only put a couple on the right side.

I could see D3 actually getting past a few rounds. AC3 has the best chance in that part of the bracket though I hear fans were pretty pissed about the ending. Could lead to some voting against it. The other ones being CoD and PS2 but those would go against each other so only one would come out. PS2 suffers from not being very newbie friendly and hating CoD is pretty standard on the interwebz. So yeah, I could totally see D3 making it several rounds even with the negativity around here.
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12/11/2012 03:35 PMPosted by SeeknDestroy
lol Jay asking fans to vote for D3. Desperately looking for a little recognition and support after the VGA failure?

I hope his tweets get more people to vote for the competition.
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Anyone who votes for Diablo III is, quite literally, why the video games industry today is full of terrible games and publishers milking their customers.

Diablo III needs to be rejected on a !@#$ing biblical scale to make sure the message is clear: we don't tolerate your garbage.

Do not vote for Diablo III if you want to see good games in the few years.
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