Diablo® III

Inna's 4piece, I hate you.


Ever since I got to taste the 4 piece bonus, Ive been hooked. Why would blizzard single out a skill in such a way? Granted SW is a must in just about every setup, shouldn't they be advocating towards build diversity?

Now im not implying that they should remove the set bonus, but as it stands I cant bring myself to replace the set. Since the Daibo is crap(any Daibo for that matter) it leaves only 4 other pieces. I've tried going without but its become second nature to me, mainly being able to snapshot SW and keep it going forever.

I know, of course, that I should learn to go without it, since only the pants and perhaps the chest are any good, no base resistances and no or low vitality leave rather big gaps in the EHP department(or pay a lot of gold to get those stats on them), further limiting gear choices to make up for the lost EHP.

Either reduce the base cost of SW or make it last longer, say, 20 or 25 seconds or so.

Also, wtf is up with the 3piece bonus? 1 spirit every 3 seconds? Are you !@#$ing kidding me?

Just needed to vent my frustration

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2 piece is the way to go to be honest. I use 4 piece of course for TR exp farming. But for my loot farming gear I use 2 piece chest/pants. I have both of them as vit "fillers" since the pants can't roll vit + resistance, and the chest can't roll double vit (200+) and res (if I'm not mistaken) and plus the pants are the best DPS in the game available at the moment. I roll with Mempo/Witching hour, love the attack speed.
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Like Sam says - 4 piece is pretty much tr exclusive, bis is mempo and WH... For now.
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While I agree that a witching hour is a DPS upgrade, only a crit mempo would be a dps upgrade, and one of those goes for 200mil+, which currently is more than my entire gear is worth.

And ill gladly trade the 4-5k dps the witching hour would give me for 5 spirit SW.
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I am not sure that crit Mempo will be an upgrade to Inna's Radiance with +Fists of Thunder (or +Sweeping Wind) damage. Mempo is great for EHP so might still be considered BiS.
As for 4-piece Inna set: it's great for TR farming, and pieces of the set right now are quite cheap (recently I even salvaged badly rolled Inna's Radiance, wouldn't sell for 80k), so for players who are just gearing up it's great way to get decent DPS numbers.
4-piece bonus is out of this world and completely imbalanced - I think it would be a lot better if it was something like "All your spirit spenders consume 50% less spirit". To be fair, 3-piece bonus is so bad the 4-piece has to somehow make up for it :)
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If i lose the 3 piece bonus my character pretty much breaks. So it's good, situationally
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I am also too obsessed with the 4-piece set to ever let go, except maybe for a better four-piece piece. :D

Being able to keep up SW indefinitely is completely addicting. Buff it, set it, and forget it. Push the button every 8-10 seconds just to be safe.

I am slower than TR rushing by far, but I yawn my way through act 3 MP3. I used to farm keys (I have 20 machines in stock) and ubers in MP7-8, but I came to the realization that the odds of getting a worthwhile ring were lower than my having dinner with Warren Buffet. I need a better SoJ, and a Nat Ring with IAS9 and Crit6. Other than that, I think I am done until I hit Paragon 100.
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Free bum for best rate your monk thread.

4pc for Inna's is not worth it. Even tho I've bought a few sets...
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