Ive always played hardcore off and on since d2. Ive never really had issues with disconnects until i started using the modem at my new address though. Im just curious as to why my modem will go out for about 5-10 seconds (roughly) at random intervals.

It doesn't do it very often, but when it does it can be lethal. I had it happen twice tonight in the span of 30 minutes where i typically only get it maybe once a week.

Id be interested to know if there's some sort of reset/refresh that my modem automatically does to do this? Is this modem too old? Is this normal?

I find it hard to believe modems are this unreliable to the point where I simply can no longer play HC by myself. If there's any article i couldn't find explaining a bit of my problem or some insight on how modems work (if this is normal) would be great.

the connection is dsl, wired.

Thanks for your time.