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<-clueless and needing help for xp grinding

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Hello all. I'm pretty new to this D3 game and don't really speak the lingo, so please explain as if ur talkin to a moron. I'm at lvl 5 or 6 paragon with my monk n im jsut tired of him being so weak. it takes forever to kill anything. i was told that with the right monk build, i could tank like a barbarian and blast through enemies n not worry bout dieing all the time. im trying to grind xp n get my paragon level up fast. i realize that my abilities that r suppose to help my team mates are pretty useless so what should i buy and how should i set up my monk to really blast through these levels (including solo) without getting hung up for half an hour on those glowing enemies that give u better gold find and all that wen u kill them, but also dont have to run like a pansy all the time cause my life keeps dwindling too fast. thx for any advive/help!

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a link to your D3 profile would help.
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Your whole outfit could use a re-work. You have no sustain by either life steal or life on hit. Your shoulders arn't even DEX. Your resists are quite low and can easily be doubled for little cost. Chest and pants do not have sockets. Most key pieces that should have crit chance do not.

If you have any type of budget there are plenty of people that would help u gear up through the AH for no charge including myself.
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hook me up! what do i need? i was told i could get 300k damage n keep close to the same armor i got. i kno gettin 300k damage would b very expensive but id like to get best as possible. id really like to be ripping through Diablo's puppets.
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holy life per second!
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thx again so much, JRDIIORIO! my guys a beast now! slaughter wit ya later!
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