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AUSSIE PLAYERS 12/12 3007 cant log in ?

i cant get on america but just logged in to asia fine pity all my heroes are still back in america D`oh
Melbourn here, same problem ;(
im in aussie and i stayed up till 3 am to play but wen i logged on at that time the server had changed from 1-11 am to 1 am - 1 pm and now its 10 am and now its coming up with 3007 error. this is realy getting on my nerves. i just want to play dang it!!
Cant log in here at Goomeri Queensland either :(
yeah that chaning og DNS to work for me as well
Tried the work arounds...no go. I suppose we just have to wait.
I'm in NZ, getting that patch loop others have talked about.

I hope by tonight this will be sorted...
ive used a proxy routing service whenever i play blizzard games, i have for many years, it all started with WoW, it should be illegal to SELL a game with an always online requirement, i could write you a novel on the many reasons you experience lag and login issues and we are reaching a population point where there is so much infrastructure required, that these are almost ongoing issues to someone, somewhere.. its just a matter of roll the dice to find out where the problem is today

private traffic routing services really do work wonders as a preventative measure for all of this garbage
Ok I've sorted the loop thing, now I get that can't log in error. I play hardcore so not too keen to change DNS...
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12/11/2012 05:56 PMPosted by Fernbird
I can't log in either error 3007 has hit NZ as well... I have been trying a good 3 hours.... downloaded the patch now nothing..

Can you upload to pastebin.com and edited copy of your d3debug.txt file ?

You can find this in your Diablo III folder. Edit out your battle.net account name.
Thanks, in tassie here it worked for me =)
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12/11/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Heretic
Ok I've sorted the loop thing, now I get that can't log in error. I play hardcore so not too keen to change DNS...

Changing your DNS won't kill your hardcore character.

Try this :

Change to Google Open DNS : https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using

Before changing it note down what your DNS server is set to

Then log into just the character screen.

Then log out.

Then change your DNS server back to what it was.

- OR -

Try flushing your DNS cache :

This link was posted awhile ago i just used it and it worked straight away!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdQkPVL2ERg
Tried both neither worked
Crossing fingers (but not holding breath) that when I get home from work in 6 hours I can log in. My computing skills are centred around the on/off button, one shouldn't have to fiddle about with various settings on things to play a game that was purchased months ago.
That link shows you how to change it, take a few minutes, guess if you want to play you'll try it :p
im pretty sure blizzard has screwed aussie players because we just cant log in. it keeps sayin connection timed out error 3007. this is rediculous because i have been waiting over the 10 hour server update and now i still cant play. i am not happy at all. plus it shouldnt take 10 hours to fix things on the game because i used to play runescape and the updates on there literaly last a minute after server down and the game is just as big and the updates they do are bigger so wats the go there?? i realy dont understand wat takes so long
Wont connect to battlenet then the error code 3007 comes up..
if its not up soon i am gunna have to talk to the missus when she gets in from work :(
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