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AUSSIE PLAYERS 12/12 3007 cant log in ?

I tryed the DNS change but it still only lets me on for a few minutes or a few seconds before it boots me.....when the hell is Blizzard gonna step their game up....garbage like this happens all the time
I'm in Syndey and can't play either.

Although I can log into the Asia servers. But that doesn't really help me any.
Melbourne, 3007.
It was working fine pre-patch. %#**@@*#@.
Adelaide....forgot to say it before
I find this game very very very frustrating. I tend to play by myself, or with 2 real friends. Yet this online only garbage means about 1/3 of the times I log in to try to play, I can't. (like right now)

So... I paid money, to be able to use the software, sometimes, maybe, if they feel like mainting it, sorta half working, but only for a short while.

Oh yah. and I HATE the whole Nephalem Valor garbage. By the time I can get it up to 5, the servers have booted me off and I have to log back in, open a new game and start it all over again.

My frustration shows. I'm at the point where I only even bother trying to log in 1-2 times a week, I play till it kicks me out the first time, then just close it and forget about it.

I'll keep playing, since I already spent the money. But I won't be buying anymore games from them.
god damn i need my fix :P is this getting fix soon? been trying since 10 am and still no good.
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It is now 2:53 pm Melbourne time and i am still getting error code 3007,hmmm...
not a great believer in conspiracy theories but the Blizzard Xmas party theory is beginning to look more and more convincing.
they locked the last thread, blamed it on ISP's, well it worked before the patch so how do you figure that?

no real game servers for pvp
Sub par service -.-

Ok this worked !

Changed my DNS server settings to Google and in straight away. I am in country Victoria.

Her is link :
changed my DNS it was working for me but real laggy then i could not access other things on the net, so changed it back to the way it was and low and behold i am still able to login and play seems normal..... beats the !@#$ outta me why
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I went outside today, don't do it !
Outside is highly overrated
same issue here in Northcote, Vic. Reluctant to change my DNS settings... any idea what is causing this problem?
12/11/2012 08:05 PMPosted by GhettSmart
same issue here in Northcote, Vic. Reluctant to change my DNS settings... any idea what is causing this problem?

Blizz always online DRM,
Blizz patch,
Blizz lack of consideration for Oceanic players,
Blizz lack of customer support for their error.....

take your pick or all of the above.
Blizz lack of consideration for Oceanic players,
Blizz lack of customer support for their error.....

take your pick or all of the above.

i select c and d.
Same here. Just downloaded latest update then couldn't log in. TPG, Sydney. However, I can get into the Asia region, though the American one is not working.
Ok so I couldn't wait any longer I live up in North QLD and i tried the DNS change and low and behold it actually works. So to summarise something in the updated patch has disrupted battlenet config with all Aussies. They don't realise that even though we are a developed country our internet speeds are still 3rd world >.<
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12/11/2012 07:08 PMPosted by Milamber
so that DNS didnt work (tryed v4 and 6) and only got my modem 2 days ago so np there. so i ask how long is it gonna take to get a patch to fix the patch, i understand when a house of cards that this game seems to behave like falls down its gonna take some time to get back together, but how long roughly can we be expected to waite. i dont want to go outside.......there are.......people there.

It isn't something blizzard themselves can patch, the problem lays with ISP DNS servers not updating fast enough. Once they update then it will work fine.

Everyone else in the worlds DNS updated quicker then most Aussies and people are finding if you change your DNS login once then change back it updates your DNS too(because your ISPs DNS see's the correct routing from the public DNS and updates).

But until ISPs DNS servers update there is nothing Blizzard can do, the time it takes t o update changes per ISP.
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I want my money back. Please Blizzard, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!
Why did they just "autocratically"change the server address without warning....surely they must have known it would cause issues....then again they probably didn't give a rats about our consequences. IT IS BLIZZ's FAULT and theyt can't hide behind some lame ISP blame game excuse.
CRAP! i did not know it's an aussie thing. I went to uninstall d3!
Now i need to re-download again...
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