Diablo® III

Barbarian deconnected again ...

Here again I do not know how many times I suffered disconnections with my barbarian ....

A patch for this bug planned or not??? If yes, when?

Because it's been over a month since my gaming experience has become woefully poor ... of random deco for no apparent reason ... given the number of people who are affected I do not understand why nothing is done.

By cons I do not understand either why the special spout is involved because I have the same deco while I do nothing ... (I never try to play without spout, but in this case why give us a spell that is bugging the game?)

If players who play without this spell can come and confirm that they have no bug: p

Yet I do not care to be decorative but why I lose my nephalems why I have no choice but to return to my party or to create news?

Especially do not give me a link to the forum or us I do not know what ... it is not for me to do your work translating all the back posts and services relevant (or not).


My config: Win8 / i7 950 3.7 / ssd128 / GTX470 / 16gb corsair vengeance
My config is updated bios pilots. None of my programs do not block or interacts with diablo developer I am I know what I'm talking about.

Fai: Free with very good speed and little loss because I am less than 200m from the terminal.

I play other online games such as League of Legends or Starcraft 2 and I never had any problems of this type.
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I get disconnected a few times a day at least while using a WW build. All other builds work without problem. There seemed to be some interest from the blues a couple months ago but that has died down. It's unfortunate. I really like my WW build and with the recent patches the game is pretty enjoyable... but a sore point is this WW disconnect junk. It's also good to see on their known issues sticky post this isn't listed...
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It happens to me quite frequently as well, not anymore though as of late.
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totally agree !!!
i get disconnect few times when solo uber~~~
is damn frustrated!!!!!
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Windowed mode does not change anything ...

I was able to do two run carefree using tornado with volcanic eruption rune. I make new tests for now, swirls of dust and Hurricane runes dont work ...
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