Diablo® III

Aus/NZ Uber Farming Group

Please add me as an available "up to MP10" Barb - happy to help out.

70% CC, 490% CD, 264K unbuffed (ABout 455K WOTB Buffed with Overpower), 2.4 IAS.


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Thanks for adding me Smokee
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Cool thread.

Usually do mp8, above that just takes too long.

Add me please for any runs.

I'm based in Sydney.
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Please add me as an MP10 capable Barb and Monk, usually on most nights of the week, happy to do key runs and ubers.
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Please add me, mp8, over that and it takes to long imo.
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107k dps Monk.

New to ubers, but up to MP6 I'm happy

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Just a quick update, since joining this thread, had a great time and friended some great peoples. Thumbs up for all. Kojack is a great guy and upgrading his monk pretty quickly.

Cheers and happy new years.

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Hey Smokee - great thread. add me in - monk has done ubers up to 9, and I can bring a cm wiz that solos 7 (set up for archon atm for farming).
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Been doing quite a few runs with players from this thread, has been enjoyable.

I'm able to do MP10 uber with a CM freeze wizard.

MP9 uber is doable without CM freeze wizard depending on how well geared the party is.
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hey smoke, can you move my name to mp10 list please.

I have much better gear now ( 153k unbuffed with shield, around 1.5mil eDPS base on ghom test), and today I finally beat MP10 ubber in solo.
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Hey everyone hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. Mine certainly wasn't long enough >_>

I'll be updating the thread soon but I've hit the 5k character limit so I'll need Cayzer to dump some stuff into his post.
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hey smoke... be an awesome mate and bump me up to mp10 when you have the chance :D
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01/03/2013 06:10 AMPosted by mibuokami
hey smoke... be an awesome mate and bump me up to mp10 when you have the chance :D

Sorry mib, ur mempo is not good enough for mp10 :P
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Fantastic idea!

You can check out my Monk here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FitzChivalry-1457

I can comfortably farm keys and run ubers up to MP8 but with a decent DH or Barb I can handle MP10.

DPS ~ 130K atm.

Add me if you want to play a few games!

Usually on Monday and Wednesday nights Sydney time.
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just made anew barb the other day currently at 220kdps unbuff aim for 300k buy the end of the month if my monk gear will sell yeah right lol

450kbuff running HOTA rend build sorry no shout for group

mince mp10
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Hey, add me to this list plz can do any mp and mp10 with a CM wizard running WW barb and CM wiz soon, thanks.
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01/03/2013 05:15 PMPosted by edzmond
hey smoke... be an awesome mate and bump me up to mp10 when you have the chance :D

Sorry mib, ur mempo is not good enough for mp10 :P

Oi Just because it's below 5% cc you bloody elitest! NOT my fault the extra .5% CC is worth 200m! poo!
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86 Orc Warrior
Posts: 8
200k dps barb....have experince uber MP8-9.... tomasi#1288
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Allo all.

Had a great night with Alecz, Wizard and a few other tonight on MP10. Made a few more friends and got a few more uber crap helfire rings (lol). Some great peeps on here so keep the good times rolling and happy new year.

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