The amount is small, but where did my 460k go? This is my first problem encountered with the auction house. If it is not fixed, I worry for my future transactions with big amounts.

I put up my auction for Flawless Square emeralds and rubies. they got sold almost immediately, emerald first then rubies. At the completion tab, I only received my payment for rubies. In the screenshot, you can also see that i canceled an item just before the items were sold. This proves the time Sequence of events. I relogged my account but still did not receive my 460k payment.

The amount might be small, but can i have a blue response or fix to this? If not, I am really gonna lose faith in blizzard. However small that amount might be, it is still $ loss. I will bump till something is done.

edit: order id: 1224750915

edit2: received gold 2hours later after cancelling an auction, cheers
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