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Covetus Shen Achievement bugged

I'm referring to this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6933875433?page=5#95
With 1.0.6a you still didn't fix this and you do not list it in the "known issues" thread.

Please fix this ;) thx
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I to am having this same issue. spent all day questing four these achieves only to not be able to finish....i dont know why they closed the last thread being the issue is still not fixed...seems like an easy one too just put the conversation back in, done. but what do i know, im a bear i bite the heads off fish
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12/04/2012 03:27 PMPosted by Vasadan
You guys will know as soon as it is fixed because it will be listed in the patch notes. Since the 1.0.6 patch notes did not contain this information, I think it is safe to say the bug is still not fixed.

From the tone of Vasadan's last post on the issue, I'm guessing he's tired of hearing about it, because it's beyond his control at this point. It will be fixed when it is fixed. When it is fixed, you'll know, because it will be in the patch notes. So read them, and quit asking about this particular issue.

It's not in the known issues list because it's not in the QA team's hands anymore. That may be counter-intuitive, but that's how it works. The known issues list only lists issues the QA team is currently working to resolve.
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Fix it please!
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He can be as tired as he wants to be but as long as the issue exists there is no reason to close the topic. That is just poor customer service. It should be left open so that when more people come across it they can post up and let the company know,hey were still here this is still an issue along with feed back to how many people are actually having this issue. A company that doesn't listen to customers, is one i would rather not deal with.
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